Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So... it is the day before classes begin for the Spring. Let me start by saying I am still new when it comes to navigating what to do with college. Yes, I've been attending college for a few years now, but I've never had to deal with transfer stuff, dropped classes, and the frustration of there being way too many avenues to find or not find information that I can get lost in.

...Until now.

So... it's the day before the Spring Semester begins. I have a tour scheduled at UCF in February to see about going there for my Bachelor's Degree. I'm excited. In May I will have an AA in my hands and I am starting to feel like a real adult.
I had planned on taking 4 last classes here in the Spring to get an additional certification along with my AA. It's not necessary, but it would look good.

Unfortunately, FSW decided to cancel one of the classes due to poor registration. I needed that class to get the certification. It's not offered on another day, nor online. Which means, that yes, the other 3 I had signed up for this Spring are now obsolete as I had planned on this being my last semester here. So, now I'm stuck... scrambling to make things work, make my decisions and get myself upright again.

It's frustrating to say the least.

I have emails and tow lines out in all directions, to make sure the money I just spent on tuition I will no longer be using will be used to get myself together and get my Bachelor's on track.

I'm just frustrated.



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  1. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps this is setting you up for something even better!

    I can understand your frustration though...I feel my life is full of it....I feel most days that I don't know how to do anything...I don't know how to parent, juggle work and home, keep within a budget....I often think my "grown up" pass should be revoked!

    Good job on updating the blog, btw!

    Stress less! Sending love to you!!