Saturday, March 30, 2013


Fitness for the week:

Sunday - Zumba 1hr

(Max HR 185, Avg HR 158, 367 Cal, 12.9g Fat Burned)

Monday - Nada!

Tuesday - Walked dog (15min), Couch 2 5K Week 2 Day 1 (45min)
(Max HR 181, Avg HR 143, 225 Cal, 9.8g Fat Burned)

Wednesday - Nada!

Thursday - Couch 2 5k Week 2 Day 2 (30min)
(Max HR 183, Avg HR 153, 168 Cal, 6.4g Fat Burned)

Also- I did an hour of Zumba today as a nice change-up to my days off!
(Max HR 182, Avg HR 147, 288 Cal, 12.2 Fat Burned)

Friday - A big fat NADA again. I actually wanted to get to the gym... but I ran errands after work and just came home instead.... boo :(

Saturday - Couch 2 5K Week 2 Day 3..(30min)
(Max HR 181, Avg HR 145, 153 Cal Burned, 6.6g Fat Burn)

I feel SUPER-GOOD about this week! I got home from work tonight and absolutely DID NOT want to do Day 3 of this program. I was dreading it. I kept putting it off. Finally, after letting dinner settle, and a quick trip to Wal-Mart, I forced myself to get dressed and marched my ass right out that front door. I'm so glad I did it. I feel better. I feel super-accomplished for this week!

Weight Check-In (Sat AM):

Gained 2?! I guess going to a baseball game and eating stadium food didn't help. Plus, I went to Wendy's TWICE. I has a shame :-(

I am going back into my original plan, which was to start following The Biggest Loser diet. Not exactly, but their 4-3-2-1 meal plan.

With Easter being tomorrow I'm a bit worried I will not be able to resist piling on the food! So, I will get a smaller plate, and fill that, but I will START with the veggies first so I don't pile on the ham and pineapple stuffing!! :)

Fitness Plan for the Week:

Sunday (Easter) - Couch 2 5K Week 3 Day 1 (possibly switch that with Monday, we'll see...)
Monday - Rest (See note above)
Tuesday - Couch 2 5K Week 3 Day 2
Wednesday - Upper body/core circuit
Thursday - Couch 2 5K Week 3 Day 3
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Upper Body/core Circuit

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Fitness for the week:

Sunday - Nada
Monday - Nada
Tuesday - Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 1
(Intensity breakdown: 1 = brisk walk, 2 = fast jog/light run, 3 = run)
Max HR 227, Avg HR 146, 1.5% Incline, 9.5g Fat Burn
Wednesday - Nada
Thursday - Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 2
(Intensity breakdown: 1 = brisk walk, 2 = fast jog/light run, 3 = run)
Max HR = 229, Avg HR = 153, 1.5% Incline, 8.6g Fat Burned
Friday - Walked 2 miles during work (which I normally don't consider a workout, but this was during an overnight shift, which meant it was non-stop and fast-paced)
Saturday - Husband and I went for a 3mile walk with the dog. It was nice. I should have been running, but our dog is not an easy walker, so it takes 2 of us to keep her under control.

Weight Check-In (Sat AM):

A gain of almost a quarter of a pound! Damn you scale!

Fitness Plan for the Week:

Sunday - Zumba
Monday - Upper Body Workout (weights)
Tuesday - C25K Week 2 Day 1
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - C25K Week 2 Day 2
Friday - Upper Body Workout (weights)
Saturday - C25K Week 2 Day 3

What a busy week! I feel as though I don't have enough time, but I make these plans because I know when I work and have school, and SHOULD MAKE the time to get to the gym, or do a workout at home. No excuses! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sinus Infections..... Oh the things they do to your head.

So, did you know.. that if your sinus infection is bad enough, not only can it cause an ear infection, but for you to also lose your sense of smell? I didn't know that.

Cooking dinner tonight has been fun. I'm making bacon meatloaf for the boys.... I was cooking the bacon, and John says "Are you cooking bacon?" .. I didn't smell it at all. Which is sad... I love the smell of bacon.

So, that's been an experience. I went to the doc this morning.... got some antibiotics, and hopefully I'll start feeling much, much better soon.

So yeah... that's pretty much it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Fitness for this week:


Yup. I've been sick. No excuse I know, exercise can get this sickness out of me sooner, but it hit me real hard, my fever just broke this morning.

Weight Check-In:


Ouch! What an ugly number! I need to work on that.

Fitness plan for the week:

Sun- C25K (or just free weights, depending on how I feel in the AM), then work
Mon- C25K (or a 2hr gym sesh, depending on Sunday..)
Tue- rest, work
Wed- Free Weights/ C25K, work
Thur- rest
Fri- C25K, work
Sat- yoga / free weights, work

Updates! Get'cha updates HEEYAH!

Oh. My. Goodness. It has been too long! A whole month?! I have to dust off this thing and put some life back into it!

Well Let's start from the most recent stuff and work our way backwards, shall we?

This week:

  • I have the flu. At least I think it's the flu. Here's the deal, I had a filling on my back right molar that has gone bad, and I think that caused a sinus infection, which may have also subsequently caused me to get sick and get an ear infection. OR John got me sick by sleeping with the damn slider door open the past 3 months with our lows getting as low as 40's. I hope it's the second one only because I don't want to think my dentist appointment needs to be expedited. I have severe social anxiety when it comes to people being too close to my face... It freaks me out. Not the needles, not the noise, or potential of pain... it's people all up in my business that drives me nuts. I look like a chihuahua in an ice bath. It's sad. Right now I can't hear out of my right ear, but at least my fever has gone away and the body chills/aches are gone too! (I bet it was just the flu...)
  • I got so stressed from work I came home and exploded on John. It has been getting more and more ridiculous by the day at that place. I'm EVERYWHERE but my own department, and the boss-man has the balls to come up to me and say "Julie, your department is a mess." Well no SHIT Sherlock. I'm not there but maybe ONE of my FIVE days a week, and the only other 2 people who work in that department work MAYBE 15 hours between them and like one, maybe two days a week?! What. The. Fuck. So, I sobbed, bawled, and otherwise cried my eyes out at home. John could see how much in pain I was, all stressed out, and ickyfied. The stress has really started affecting me at home, with school, and with life in general. I stopped eating good, stopped exercising, and just generally let myself go. Not good. So, Friday I went it early to talk to boss-man, and told him that I need to go part-time. This is a big deal for me, I haven't worked part time since before I was 18 and that's all I was able to work. But, John said we'll be okay with bills, and plus (something we didn't necessarily talk about) if I'll be home more that just means I'll have time to cook, clean, and keep the house up, along with maybe picking up an extra class for school. Maybe I can try and grow some more veggies! And get the front and back planters in shape! Oh the things I could do with all of the TIME I'll have! (I'm actually pretty excited for this, even if it means not making as much money) So, I talked, boss-man listened (at least I think he did... he understood what I asked) and I should be going part-time about the first or second week of April. This is because of Easter coming up, which I told him I was fine with because it will be getting CRAZIER every day we get closer to that holiday, and then a week or so of major clean-up, I think we'll be okay. John is very much in support of this, and I hope to flex out our limited dollar more by cooking and using up more home resources rather than "Oh we didn't take anything out for dinner, let's just go out."
That's this week in a nutshell. I have been so sick that I barely got my homework done for the week, instead I've just been coming home from work, taking Nyquil, and blowing through season 3 of Supernatural as I drift into a wonderful flu-coma.

Last Week:
  • Brian the Roommate's birthday was last Friday, and I took the day off to treat him good alongside his girlfriend/my cousin Jeanette (it's a weird dynamic.. I know.) They are just so cute together! See photographic evidence from my wedding below: 
I know... adorable right?!?!

ANYWAY- So, the 4 of us went to breakfast and played some Wii bowling, then John had to go to work, so the three of us just kinda hung around the house all day. Later in the night we went to REAL bowling with the four of us plus Julie (John's mom, not myself in the third person!), and had some fun! I made Brian an R2D2 cake, that I must say I overcame some challenges and it turned out A-OK! Firstly, I couldn't use white frosting, because all white frostings are vanilla and Julie hates vanilla. So, I used strawberry (pink) frosting and used a "spray-paint" color coating by Chef Duff to make it silver! Then I piped on the rest. Now, before the pic, you must know, I stupidly forgot black icing, so I tried to combine all of the colors I have to make black, but it came out looking like poop. You'll know it when you see it. LOL And, we have a recurring theme to our birthdays here in the John/Julie/Brian household, and that is that the cake simply says "BIRTHDAY". No "Happy" involved. We do that will all of the holidays. "EASTER!" "CHRISTMAS!" ... We're a bunch of sillys. See the cake now:

Well, not bad for a beginner! :-)

Late February
Only one really major awesome thing happened since my last blog on V-Day, and that was my snorkel/dive trip with Jeanette and her friends Doug and Terri. We went to Crystal River, which is in a pokey little town in Mid/N Florida. On Friday we left late, drove up to the hotel, and the four of us had dinner and generally just hung about. Saturday morning we got up and headed right down to the docks (Our hotel was on the river front, so no driving required!) and loaded into a boat and headed down to the Three Sisters Springs to go swimming with the manatees! We only saw about 5 total, as the Gulf didn't get too cold this year, so that meant the sea-cows didn't have to seek warm spring waters. Although if you can call 68 degree water WARM you are a crazy sea-cow yourself! :-P I was wearing a skin AND a 3mil wetsuit and still got chilly! Anyway, seeing the springs and being in wonderful fresh water with some good friends was awesome. I picked up a beer bottle cap and a hair-tie, and am thinking my "specialty" for diving will be trash collection. After all, we need to keep our planet and it's 70% water mass CLEAN! It was an awesome day. Later in the night the group all went out to dinner at a steakhouse-place, you know the type, where there are peanuts everywhere and you throw the shells on the floor. Yeah, an allergists' dream. I had a nice juicy steak and drew pictures on the paper tablecloth... it was awesome.
The next morning we got up, got some breakfast, and hit the road for an hour's drive to the Devil's Den, in Williston, FL. This, my friends, was EPIC for this newbie diver. I almost peed my wetsuit before I got in the water I was so excited! A natural underground spring?! SO. COOL. So, you have to do your gear, travel down a stone staircase to the caver, then down a wooden staircase who knows HOW old it might be (okay, they keep up with maintenance, but still...), onto this platform.. where you don your fins and get right in! It had all sorts of cool stalactites and stuff, rock formations, and I found a fossilized sea biscuit that I gave to Terri. There weren't alot of fish, but the water tasted SO GOOD cuz of the natural spring and aquifer it fed from. It was super cool. In hindsight, I probably drank someone's pee, because we all pee when we dive, but oh well, it still tasted good! :-P

Now, to the confessional. I have really fallen off the wagon with fitness and nutrition. John and I gave up soda for "Lent" (we aren't practicing Catholics, we just wanted to fit in I guess lol) and I have fallen off the wagon several times. I have stayed pretty put in my weight loss, this morning I was at 214, which has been my plateau for awhile. I've worked alot of Saturday and Sunday mornings, so I've missed zumba alot too. I just need to get in the swing of things. Once I go part time I think things will look up. For now, though, starting tomorrow I will restart my C25K (if this sickness feels better) and get some Biggest Loser workouts in too for tone and strength. Also- I reactivated my WiiFit profile and plan to do that as well, I was doing good with the EA Active 2 "game" (fitness tool) and fell off, maybe I'll start that again?

Also- John bought me a heart rate monitor, for a decent price ($20). Let's hope it performs like a $100 model lol.

TaTa For Now, on closing, a song that runs through my mind quite often.... It was done on The Simpsons, but my store plays the Carol King version all of the time... :)