Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walking Challenge Final Results (Two months late!)

-The distance from home to Crowley's Ridge National Park is 849 miles.
-The distance from there to Devil's Den State Park is 215 miles.
-My total goal distance is then 1,064 miles.
-Challenge runs from January 1st thru October 31st, which is 304 days.
-That means... I need to cover 3.5 miles per day to achieve my goal distance.
-Of that 3.5 miles, only half (1.75 miles) can come from my everyday normal walking!

The Road So Far.....

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 79.79 miles
Deficit: -28.71 miles

Goal: 98 miles
Distance: 88.16 miles
Deficit: -9.84 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 111.34 miles
Deficit: +2.84 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 184.73 miles
Deficit: +79.73 miles

Goal: 108.50 miles
Distance: 77.11 miles
Deficit: -31.39 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 51.78 miles
Deficit: -53.22 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 77.30 miles
Deficit: -31.20 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 92.03 miles
Deficit: -12.97 miles

September & October (The final months)
Goal: 213.50 miles
Distance: 170.42 miles
Deficit: -43.08

Final Numbers.......

Overall Distance Goal:: 1064 miles

Overall Distance Travelled:: 932.66 miles

Overall Deficit:: -131.34 miles short

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, but then again I got out what I put in, and that was not much. To know I only missed it by 131 miles though, it feels like a shame. I don't think we have a challenge in place for 2015, at least not a walking challenge one. I was trying to get something together to spark some jazz back into our fitness routine, but I just won't have the time to commit with school and work. I have 4 classes for the Spring, all at inconvenient times, so my work schedule might get a little crazy. Or a lot crazy. Probably the latter.

So, here is my final map for this challenge. I had tons of fun, and hope to be able to do something like this for 2015, but we'll see.

So close!!! :-(

Be happy, be healthy, be you!


  1. You can come up with a challenge again. Or I can come up with a calendar for all three of us. Something small to do each day! Might be fun. :) get your mileage started in the Spring after finals.

  2. I never did my post either, but you inspired me to! Don't worry, I didn't make it either. Truthfully, I lost steam and motivation. It' a shame, because I LOVED the destination and my personal map and my markers.

    I have some ideas for 2015 that can perhaps keep us motivated but be manageable in our busy lives. I'm going to message both you and Ashley my thoughts and see what you guys think!