Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Motivational #3

Happy Friday to everyone! How was your week? I hope it was filled with little triumphs and met goals, sweat, fun, and some relaxation in there, too!

My husband was away again this week to Orlando. I spent the week watching Grey's Anatomy reruns on Netflix, watched half of the most recent season of Supernatural, watched a few movies, played some video games, and had landscapers come out and revamp my planters and start a weekly lawn-mowing service which we needed pretty badly.

Notice anything missing? Yup. I did not once hit the gym. Again. Another week, another failed attempt at getting myself back on that horse.

But I'm not going to be upset. No; I was upset last night after having a shitty day and while talking to my husband on the phone he said something that hurt my feelings. I was upset that I got my annual performance review and even though (on a 5-point scale) getting any 5's is impossible (and I'd have to walk on water), I was pissed that I deserved at least one 5 and did not get it. I don't toot my own horn often (not seriously anyway... I put on a pretty egotistical front just because) but I know I deserved a 5 on my people skills. The criteria for a 5 is to "consistently EXCEED expectations while also increasing productivity/profit of the store's performance". That's what I do. All the time. Not some of the time, not when I feel like it. But when I clock in, my gameface is on and I LIVE that description. Anyway, thinking about it makes me all pissed off again and will lead to more crying.... so let's move on.

It is the end of the month. Amy and I have a monthly recap to get to, and that might take a few days. The lucky lady is off camping and enjoying some quality family time and although she's around the web, I am letting her off the hook to get her update up until she gets back! :-)

So, I want to leave some words of wisdom for you to take in.

Practice it, every day. Take the time and do one thing you love to do. Take a walk, read a chapter in a book. Do a crossword puzzle. Call a loved one. Write a letter and MAIL it. Self love leads to loving others, and leads to brighter futures, and leads to success.

Isn't this the truth! In life, you will never learn the lesson before being given the test. Take what you can from the test, take the knowledge you gain, the high of success, or the humble of the defeat, and apply it to life. Make mistakes and learn from them, take in the lessons that life has to offer.

This week I want you all to take a look at a test your life recently put you through. Find the lesson to be learned, and apply it somewhere else in your life.

Have a good week everyone.

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  1. I never did get to my recap, I'm going to do a July/August review, but truthfully, they are not much to write about (insert sad face here!!)