Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Deliciously Simple! Guacamole!

So, I had the munchies. John and I bought avocados last night at a buck a piece, and they were ripe and ready to go!

So, the only logical step for 6 avocados was a delicious guacamole dip!!

This delicious dip is simple to make, full of good fats, and is FREAKING WONDERFUL!

First up, half your avocados. Use a sharp blade and slice all the way around.
Twist each half away from each other and pull them apart. Using the base of the knife blade,
hit the pit, turn right and pull the pit up. It should come out easily.

Next, take your knife and slice the green goodness in cubes. Slice longways,
then slice again. Use a spoon to get the pulp out and into your bowl.

Delicious spices added to our dip. I used sea salt, black pepper,
garlic powder, and garlic sea salt. Sounds like overkill, yes, but the 
spices all meld together. One thing I forgot to take a pic of was the lime juice.
I used a whole lime, slightly smaller than my fist. (A trick: roll the lime before
cutting into it like clay. It loosens the juice!)

An action shot of my spices!

Chop the onion! I used about a half of a white onion.
I diced it up pretty good. I do not usually like large pieces of 
onion, so I dice it up nicely to about the size of a pinky nail.

Time to SMASHY SMASHY! If you are doing a small batch, use a large fork
and smash the chunks of avocado. In this case, with 6 avocados... I used a potato masher!
I like my dip a little chunkier than some, but you can smash it to whatever consistency you desire!
The finished product! Delicious and wonderful!

My secret weapon! Oregano! A tablespoon or a little less will do ya!

I am going to eat the crap outta this dip! I had some thyme/herb chips and I snacked a little bit before lunch!!! YUMMMMYYYY!!!

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  1. Would you believe I have never had Guacamole, let alone avocado??!?!

    Ok, I guess that is not entirely true....we had a chef come out to our TOPS group once and he made "Guacasalsa", it was a mixture of both guacamole and salsa, meaning avocado and tomatoes.....he also used lemon and lime juice, plus other salsa ingredients I believe. It was super yummy with nachos! I don't even know how to choose an avocado!