Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Motivational #2

Happy Sunday Y'all!

How was your week? I stood still all week. My food choices are back on track (mostly) and I'm hoping to pick back up logging it soon to help me even more.

My fitness, on the other hand, not so much.

I make plans. I do. Big plans. I even have a cool calendar I made myself that has 7 columns for each day of the week and 5 rows so I can plan my week out.
Row 1: My work schedule
Row 2: Husband's work schedule
Row 3: Philosophy homework
Row 4: World History homework
Row 5: Gym/workout schedule

I have it color coded. I highlight my OFF days and make sure with homework I give myself OFF days, too. Husband's work schedule has been crazy lately, tomorrow he leaves for another week in Orlando but comes back and will work through the weekend on Saturday. My own schedule has been steady, but I am still working every damned weekend morning, so I have missed my favorite zumba class for 3 months now.
As for the gym schedule, well that is just for show apparently. I write down classes I want to take, or simply write in cardio/weights and which gym I should go to (there is one by my house and one by my work, so I truly have no excuses). And I just don't go. Why do that when I can be at home watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy? Hah. I haven't been to the gym more than twice this month.

So, my weekly motivational is pretty simple.....

Forget about what happened last week. Forget about July and what it brought you. Today. Today starts a BRAND NEW WEEK. For all of us! Start fresh with new motivation and renewed drive!

Today, be thankful. Today, make the right choices. Today, look at what your week is planned to be, and follow through!

That's all. Take this week, and OWN it. Be in control of your outcome!

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  1. I am a bit late commenting. We can do this!

    I am really good at making plans or giving advice to others, but can't follow my own's very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    I'm glad I have a friend like you to help me out though