Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Road Trip Review : June 2014

So, let's review..

-The distance from home to Crowley's Ridge National Park is 849 miles.
-The distance from there to Devil's Den State Park is 215 miles.
-My total goal distance is then 1,064 miles.
-Challenge runs from January 1st thru October 31st, which is 304 days.
-That means... I need to cover 3.5 miles per day to achieve my goal distance.
-Of that 3.5 miles, only half (1.75 miles) can come from my everyday normal walking!

The Road So Far.....

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 79.79 miles
Deficit: -28.71 miles

Goal: 98 miles
Distance: 88.16 miles
Deficit: -9.84 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 111.34 miles
Deficit: +2.84 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 184.73 miles
Deficit: +79.73 miles

Goal: 108.50 miles
Distance: 77.11 miles
Deficit: -31.39 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 51.78 miles
Deficit: -53.22 miles

So.... we are now more than halfway to our end date. I am officially 40.59 miles behind and I only have 123 days left to do something. Actually, it's only 114 days. Oh boy.

I have stood by my decision to not let July get away from me. I have gone to the gym a couple of times, I have started a 21-day cardio kickstart with the Wii, and I haven't had but a few sodas. But, I am feeling like I have gotten myself off to a good start. I will continue to kick ass, I will continue to put myself and my health first, and I will zero out my deficit by the end of August.

For now, I leave you with some wisdom that we all need to remember...

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  1. So glad to see your post up!

    Looks like we are both in about the same boat! I'm a good 50 km behind but plan to make July my bitch!

    Love the comic....yes, we are cute!