Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 2014 Pinterest Challenge

So, I had pretty much written off January. I had a late start and it was a downhill spiral towards the end with my trip.... so here is my February submission!

I have always loved the DIY t-shirts... where you take a Tee and turn it into a Tank. The problem was that I never thought a bigger girl like myself could pull it off.

Then I had that 4 size drop in 2013 that really has boosted my confidence and made me feel like now was the time to try it.

I'm still not 100% satisfied as to where my body is, but I'm beginning to feel comfortable in it and have really stopped caring about what other people think. If they stare, it's because I'm fucking fabulous!

So, here is the link to the Pin I based my design off of.....


And this is the shirt I used.... I forgot to take a "Before" picture of myself in said shirt, but let's just say that Old Navy really missed on this design... the sleeves were way too long and it hung off the shoulders like a regular shirt should... not a long-sleeve. Ugh. And of course it's no longer available to buy, so the pictures I have don't really do it justice on how to hung on me versus a hanger. Anywhoo....

I took this....

And turned it into this......

Believe it or not, the size I bought was a women's Large, which should have been sorta tight on me. But, like I said, the way the size hung it was loose under the armpits and the sleeves were at least 4" past my wrist.... it was not a pretty look. Now, I have my first homemade shirt for the summer!

A HUGE shoutout to Amy for creating this challenge!! :-)

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