Saturday, February 1, 2014

Road Trip Review : January 2014

Well, this month certainly had it's ups and downs. The date for this blog will say February 1, 2014... but in reality it's actually February 13th. Yup. It has been one of those months.

To start, I was away for the first 4 days of the month. I was still on my real roadtrip to Tennessee to see my big brother. To read about that, go here. :-)

Then, when I got back late morning Tuesday the 4th, after having drove home straight from TN which was about a 15 hour drive, I promptly slept for a whopping 4 hours. Yup. A cat nap. I got up, went to zumba that night, then came home and slept like a baby. Then on Wednesday I went to class like normal, and had to swing by my work to print some stuff out. Luckily I did, because I thought I had the day off (according to a text a few days prior from my A/M), but the schedule was changed and it ended up that I did work. And I also worked the rest of the week. So, long story short, my return home was not easy going nor did I slip back into routine, it was more like I was thrown off a cliff and have since been bouncing and rolling out of control down the side of the mountain.

So, let's review!

- The distance from home to Crowley’s Ridge State Park in Arkansas is 849 miles.
- The distance from Crowley’s Ridge to Devil’s Den State Park (also AK) is 215 miles.
- For a total of 1,064 miles.
- Our challenge runs January 1st thru October 31st, which is 304 days.
- This means I need to walk 3.5 miles per day to hit my goal!

- Of that 3.5 miles, only half, or 1.75 miles, can come from NORMAL every day walking.

The Road So Far....

January I walked a total of 79.79 miles.
My goal was 108.5 miles.
I have a deficit of -28.71 miles.

Ouch. Disappointing to say the least. On a positive note, I am extremely happy to have my FitBit. All I had to do to find my distance count was go to the website and sync my FitBit. I was able to view 1/1-1/31 easily after that. It even gave me a cool chart!

Well, now I have incentive to get off my ass! Amy did a WONDERFUL job with her month! She ended up being 1.82km OVER her goal distance!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!! I am very jealous that I am so far behind, but I will do my best to kick some butt in this short month and catch up!!

My maps are sad to say the least. And, I still have not finished my actual marker for the map in my office, so I will add those in when I finish that piece up. For now, I have my also sad Google Maps pictures.


Looks more impressive closer up of course. :-)

Here's to February! BTW... I'm working on a small surprise for my bestie... so SHHHHH Don't tell her! ;-)

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  1. My map looks more impressive close up too, so don't be discouraged!

    I have utter and complete faith that you will get all caught up this month. With your rockin' zumba dance class, the miles will clip by for you.


    Just remember...I have the other line of your safety rope and won't let go!

    Oh and yeah, I won't tell your bestie that you are working on a surprise for her! ;-)

    <3 u!!!!!!!!!!!