Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reset Button

So, last week (the 15th) I got sick. I think it was the flu, because it certainly kicked my ass for a few days before the fever broke and I began to feel like a human again. I started to recover by Thursday-ish, although I think then I got a sinus and chest infection because I became all stuffy and runny, and I had this wicked smoker's cough that is actually still around even today.

Anyway, this thing hit me so hard it sidelined me from the gym. Understandable, as if I couldn't breathe normally, how was I to breathe during a workout? Not to mention infecting all of the people who would use the machines after me. It was just courtesy and common sense to not go. It killed me not to go though, as I had been going at least twice a week since I joined in August.

So, enter the second week. John goes away Sunday night and he won't be back until this coming Saturday! :( I should be excited, right? I mean, with no one to "answer to" I can go to the gym without having to worry about who is doing what for supper and so on. But nope, this chest congestion still has me sidelined.

I know what you're thinking. You're saying to the screen: but Jules... why not just work out at home? With free weights or a DVD?

Because I let myself slack and didn't have the willpower to overcome the laziness this week! :-(

At least I can admit it. I am true enough to myself now that I feel like an ass that I haven't gotten any exercise in, and yet I still can't find the motivation to do so this week. It's been a few months since I have felt this terrible, and it's because I have not had any exercise, adding to the fact that my diet has pretty much reverted back into it's old terrible self.

I'm frustrated!!! I'm ashamed!!! I'm disappointed!!!

But, now that I know the problem, I can fix it! Today at work I will have the schedule for next week. I'm pretty sure I'll be working from Sunday through Wednesday, because John and I are going to Orlando Thursday through Saturday. I have homework that needs to be completed, and I have no excuse not to fit a workout in for 2 days before I go! ((AND- make use of the hotel's "gym" and do a quick workout at some point while we are there!))

So, this is my reset button. I'm pushing it, and it may take a few days for my systems to be up and running like they have been, but I know I pushed the button and can now focus on going back to eating right and exercising!

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