Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

So, a twofer-Thursday is in order! Last Friday and Saturday, Brian, Jeanette, Julie, John and I went to Oktoberfest (yes we went 2 days!)

It was quite fun! I do look forward to coming, not just for the awesome German food, but also for just having a good time with my husband and our friends. It's nothing spectacular, just a big outdoor scene with a little carnival area and a big tent that has live German music all night long.... it really is fun!

So, I think I'm just going to pack this post full of pictures! I apologize ahead of time, my camera is not SUPER awesome so they might be alittle blurry, and also the ones where I'm in the shot means a drunk person took them. Seriously. Everyone got drunk the first night, I was the DD for both.

Let's begin!

From L-R: Jeanette, Brian, Julie (mother-in-law), John, Me!

John and his Mom sharing a beer moment!

As DD, I was responsible, and only had Sierra Mist!

Jeanette & Brian enjoying some Hefferveisen!

A very nice picture of my favorite cousin/"sister" and her boyfriend, whom is also my roomie :)

"Brother Training". We made them (totally drunk BTW) hold hands because John hurt Brian on accident and they turned it into a very good photo-op :)

Drunken Couple :)

Yup, Brian is photobombing a very nice picture of John & his Mom. Don't worry, I have a non-Brian shot too, this one just seemed better :)

Ringssssssssss. We did this shot alot for our Honeymoon. I think it's our thing. :)

Brian with his secret mistress, AKA- Miss Oktoberfest

The ladies. And two of my very most favorites!

Messing with the cutout thingy..

I do like my face here, except the red-eye part LOL


The End!

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