Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm going to the gym.

Well. Excuse the fuck out of me. Apparently baseball excitement trumps my quiz for school. I wasn't aware that I should have to deal with the laughing, yelling, and excitement after I said I was going to take a quiz for school. I feel so bad now that I asked you to be quieter, especially after telling you I was going into the office to take a quiz....

I'm going to the gym now, before I upset anyone else watching this oh-so-exciting history in the making.


  1. My typical response to something like this would be "MEN"...would I be correct?

  2. You would be correct. And although things are fine now it was most frustrating that he seemed to not gave been supportive of my schooling. Next time I told him I'll just take his laptop (and credit card) to the local coffee shop! ;)

    1. That should be "have" not "gave".... stupid kindle keyboard!