Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Beginnings - Starting Today

Well, my blog has changed. I have given it a make-over.

I have a new title: Gulfside Gal Finding Fitspiration

Amy helped me come up with that (although I still think "Princess of Plump" has a nice ring to it!)

I have also reformatted my blog to [hopefully] fit my uploaded images nicely.

Please, follow my new Instagram feed:


Also, keep checking back as a Facebook page is in the works! :-)

Now, for a small tidbit about my "new" blog...

I will be using different hashtags to keep my Blog and Instagram feeds consistent.

My personal ones I will use are

You may follow along and use them as well, and I may re-post some pictures! Also, if you happen to be on a journey like me and are living on the Gulf Side of Florida, use the email me function on the right ---> to shoot me an email, I may just want to buddy up and buddy-blog with you!

I will also use Hashtag Headers to announce certain features on certain days of the week. They will be random and I may not do each header each week, but be on the lookout for my new blog prompts:

-MPM- Meal Plan Monday: new recipes, meal plan tips/tricks I have used, and my personal food accomplishments

-TWI- Tuesday Weigh In: record weight, photos, measurements, etc...

-FIFF- Friday is for FITNESS: fitness tips, focus body parts for the weekend, new classes or workouts I try

-TLT- The Latest Thing: something new and exciting to share whenever!

-GGIA- Gulfside Gal In Action: action shots of outdoor fitness activities! (I'm hoping to use this one more as the weather "cools down")

I also want to say thank you to the few who read this. I know I'm not changing anyone's life, but it feels nice knowing someone reads this, even if I do get a bit whiney! :-P

That's all for now. I'm preparing to go to sleep soon so I can wake up and make tomorrow a good day!

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  1. Ok...I am JUST reading this now?!?!!? I knew you were changing it, but for some reason, it would never load for me!

    I will now be checking in AND waiting for that Facebook page!!!