Sunday, April 10, 2016

1/3 the Way There, #TLT

Well, Amy and I are trying to hit 10k steps per day!

This is just a quick update to see how I am getting along. I had a few days with very little steps in them, so I know I'm down, but I'm just now calculating how far down I am.

Here's my first 10 days in visual form....

So, 10 days x 10,000 steps per day = 100,000 steps.

As you can see, I only have 72,336 in so far.

That means I'm 27,664 steps in the hole!! :(

If I want to hit 300,000 steps at the end of April, I'll need to tack on another 1,384 steps each day to hit my goal.

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Well, I'm taking my nephew to Disney on Tuesday, so I will rack up plenty of steps there!
  • I am re-committing to my fitness this week, and I will log some workouts in lieu of steps. (To be fair, if 2,000 steps = 1 mile (-ish), and it takes me about 20:00 to walk 1 mile at an average [not too fast, not too slow] pace, then for every 10:00 of true fitness effort, I will log 1,000 steps.
  • I will hit my Step Goal for April!!!
  • I'm tired, and am going to bed
  • The book I'm reading is okay, but not the author's best work
  • I need to get Amy my work schedule for this week.
  • ..... Oh crap, I don't know my work schedule this week! I hope I open tomorrow and am not getting up at 4:00am for nothing!! :-\
  • I need to plan out my homework for the week so I'm not stuck doing it over the weekend.
  • I need to see if any of my classes have released their finals study guides
  • I'm still full from lunch from 2:00pm today!! I'll never eat this much again!! :-X
  •  This is too many thoughts!! I'm going to bed!

Anyway, goodnight all!

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  1. Damn it! I missed this AGAIN! However, I do think this was while I was in the midst of thinking I was dying!

    How is the step goal coming along now?