Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

This is coming VERY early because I worked an overnight shift last night (from 11:30p Mon -> 7a Tues) AND..... I get to go back in this afternoon at 3p!!! Which means I need to get my ass to bed and get some sleep or I will become a ZOMBIE!!!!!

So, while I have a few minutes here to unwind before going to lay down, I thought I would get my blogs out of the way, so to speak, so I can sleep and not feel guilty about getting these up on time!

Last week's weight:


This week's weight:


That's a LOSS of

-2.00 lbs!

Woot woot!! I am very happy to see that the little extra in my umph was rewarded! I parked farther away from my stores when I went and did errands this week. I had weights on the couch with me and did some small exercises while catching up on my shows. I also kept my snacking in check, despite it being "that time of the month" and me wanting ice cream until my insides burst (this! is PRECISELY the reason we do NOT keep ice cream in the house!!)

So, let's go over my goals then?

*Do Pilates DVD 2 days
*Go to 1 Spin Class
*Eat 1 apple a day (to keep the bad snacking away!)
*Get John to join me in some form of activity (baseball, a walk, etc)
*Drink 3 glass of fruit-infused water (which is my kryptonite!)

Well, not bad.4 out of 5 is pretty darn good! The Pilates DVD was easy to remember because of my little notebook, and the post-its I put up around the house. I did a spin class Sunday after zumba and it felt good. I only did about 4 miles because my knee was bothering me (normally I crank out between 14-18 miles in a 1-hr class), but I will still count it because I stayed the WHOLE time! I did eat 1 apple a day as well... And I drank those 3 glasses of infused water (actually I believe my count was 6 glasses of infused water!) almost in the span of one day. I think in the 30 hours after my blog last week I drank 6 of them. Yay me!

I had fun keeping track of my apples.... see the evidence below!
Top right corner, applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon! (lower R: cottage cheese alongside 2 eggs)
..Breakfast of champions!

@ Work, going for artsy.

This little guy was NOT a fan of me eating him!

Look mom! I ate all my apples! :-P

Applesauce. It's good. Especially when it's NATURAL!

The only thing I fell short on is John. And, I have a valid reason. He and I have been on opposite schedules and it has been VERY hard to even sit down for dinner together. Usually he's gone by the time I get home from work, or already in bed asleep. And it sucks. But, I'm working on getting my schedule to become a little more NORMAL.

So, I will have some goals for next week, but I am dozing off, so I think it's time I lay down for my between-shift nap. I will update later tonight, or tomorrow early AM to set those goals!


I'm, back! Now for my goals.....

*Eat at least 1 serving (1+ cup) of REAL FRUIT PER DAY. None of that packaged BS.
*Don't forget the photo challenge!
*Training 1 day at the park!
*Run at least 1 day
*Weights at least 1 day
*Get gameplan for office organization together!

Varied goals again this week. But, this new notebook has proven useful, and I plan to use it! Hah!

So... until next week!


  1. What a lovely surprise this morning to see 2 blog posts from you!

    FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC you are! You knocked it out of the park AND lost 2 lbs! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You also pretty much nailed all of your goals. I had such a failure week, aside from walking, but plan to do better this coming week!

  2. Love the edit version!

    Pics are super cute and I love to see more of you! Awesome goals for the week, you will kick ass with them for sure!