Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Photo Challenge - Days 1 - 7

What an awesome little challenge (which also fulfills my Pinterest Challenge submission for the month of April!)

Amy and Ashley are joining in and we are all having a fabulous time so far (I think? LOL)

If you missed it, here is a link to Amy's post about the challenge, including the guidelines and daily picture themes!

So... let's do this!

Day 1 - Dinner
Delicious grilled chicken Cesar salad with broccoli and garlic bread! 

Day 2 - Workout Clothes
The basics: pants, top, shoes, and of course, earbuds!

Day 3 - Water
I cheated a little bit on this... I used a stock photo, because
I left mine at home, but this is my water Tervis and I love it!
I fill it usually 6-8 times per day!

Day 4 - Breakfast 
Tangerine slices (eaten whole!)
and water! That is the top of my water bottle!

Day 5 - Smile
We were bad over the weekend and made a pitstop to Krispy Kreme....
But we all smiled for it! LOL

Day 6 - Movement
A quick video of my feet after mowing the lawn over the weekend!
(No pale person jokes!! :-P )

Day 7 - Fruit
This one I forgot to take.... I will include it in next week's pictures!

1 comment:

  1. I love it all!!!!!

    Why does your salad look so much better than anything I would make? If a krispy kreme can put that kind of smile on your face...totally worth it! I was expecting green toes after mowing the lawn, but they look pretty happy!

    I really like this photo challenge, despite the fact that I suck at it :-)