Saturday, November 30, 2013

Road Trip Review 11/24 - 11/30

Hey, I'm actually on time with this week's blog! But only because I sadly know that at 10pm Saturday night I am no longer going to be active and that this week, although a slight success, is also the beginning of a slide into failure.

Let's jump right in....

Sunday-- 1.33mi
Monday-- 14.00mi
Tuesday-- 5.59mi
Wednesday-- 1.75mi
Thursday-- 1.79mi
Friday-- 2.24mi
Saturday-- 1.75mi

Weekly Goal- 24.50 miles
Weekly Total- 28.45 miles
Deficit--> +3.95 miles!!

Whew! I was worried that I would miss this week, especially because the U.S. Thanksgiving was on Thursday. But, Mary agreed to try a spin class with me (it's a love/hate relationship with her still... but at least she tried it!) and so that's where Monday's big number came from!

So, up until this point I have walked 497.84 miles, and the goal for the end of 2013 was 595.00 miles. I have approximately 31 days to walk another 97.16 miles.... or, about 3.13 miles per day. Oh boy. No pressure!

Here are 2 quickie maps for you.....

I'm in South Carolina heading to North Carolina!

What a journey it has been!!

Road Trip Review 11/16 - 11/23

Well, I fell behind two weeks again. I also apologize for any typos for this and my next post [at least].... I got my nails done up with acrylics to get a head start on my New Year's Resolution (to stop biting my nails) and had them done on Wednesday. They are very pretty.... but I'm so used to not having nails that it makes even buttoning my pants very difficult!!

(You know what else makes buttoning your pants difficult?? gaining 10lbs in November. Sadface.)

So, moving on.... I had a difficult week, and due to the fact that I have one more week to catch up on after this, I am not going to have maps.

Sunday-- 5.14mi
Monday-- 1.25mi
Tuesday-- 4.36mi
Wednesday-- 4.06mi
Thursday-- 3.25mi
Friday-- 1.75mi
Saturday-- 2.05mi

Weekly Goal: 24.50 miles
Weekly Total: 21.86 miles

Deficit--> -2.64 miles

Total miles up to this week:   469.39 miles
Total miles for this challenge: 595.00 miles

Only 125.61 miles to go!!

I have to say that my dedication is slipping to the blog. I still consciously make the effort every day, but this blog thing is not helping with finals coming up and the holiday season starting.... it NEVER begins to look a lot like Christmas here in FL and although I've never seen a "White Christmas" in real life I still get depressed that on Christmas morning I will not have the chance to see a winter wonderland, but in fact may have a warm front into the upper 80's, or a cold chill at 60*F. Blech.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Road Trip Review 11/10 - 11/16

So, with this week, I will be caught up. This new job has been going great. Although I haven't had many long shifts, nor am I in my actual store yet (I have been training at a smaller/slower location), but I start this Sunday. Also- I have my school schedule for next semester.... with some good prospects for fitness to be involved along the way.

So, let's get started.

Sunday : 1.37 miles
Monday : 1.75 miles
Tuesday : 3.50 miles
Wednesday : 1.75 miles
Thursday : 1.75 miles
Friday : 5.50 miles
Saturday : 3.50 miles

Weekly Total : 19.12 miles
Weekly Goal :  24.50 miles
Deficit ::: -5.38 miles

Ouch. Again another loss. And....... this is also another quarterly check-in week. We are now officially 3/4 of the way there!!!! (As far as time goes) And, let's go see how far we've gone, and how far we have got to go!!

My totals for weeks 13 - 18 :::
125.34 miles
My goal for weeks 13 - 18 :::
147.00 miles
The deficit ::: 
-21.66 miles

So, the complete totals I have for all 18 weeks are........

Total for the trip thus far :::
447.53 miles
Goal for the trip thus far :::
441.00 miles
The deficit for all eighteen weeks :::
+ 6.53 miles

And here's my maps!!

I can almost see the gates from here! :-)

Now that's a lot of walking!!

Go see Amy. She is fantastic!!!!!! Once again, blogs done before mine! But, I think before Christmas we will be there! Enjoying Morrow Mountain State Park!!! <3 <3

Road Trip Review 11/03 - 11/09

Again I find myself two weeks behind. So, once again, I won't have a map up on this week, but I will have a big one for next week.

It may seem like I'm not really into this challenge anymore. I have to say my motivation to keep up with the blog portion of it has waned, but not the dedication to the challenge itself. I don't use my computer much now that I only have one online class (the other I dropped before it hurt my GPA)...... which is probably why I am late with the updates. I think I will get better, I will just have to make it a habit of using a template and updating it when I go on to get and submit my homework, about 4 times a week. Then, on Sunday night when I'm finishing and submitting the homework I'll finalize and post it. Yeah... the theory sounds great. We'll see what happens.

Shall we get this over with?

Sunday - 7.98 miles
Monday - 2.60 miles
Tuesday - 3.33 miles
Wednesday - 1.75 miles
Thursday - 1.90 miles
Friday - 1.69 miles
Saturday - 1.46 miles

Weekly total - 20.91 miles
Weekly goal - 24.50 miles
Deficit ::: -3.59 miles

Ouch. Well, I started strong. Then it all went downhill from there. I am so GOOD about the beginning of the week. Then I think... well, since I did so good... maybe I'll take a day off. Three days in a row. UGH.

So, on to next week shall we?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Road Trip Review 10/27 - 11/02

Whew! We're finally into November!!! WOOOO!!!

Last week I suffered a bit, and was still unfocused. I also had some major events happen last week that I'm hoping will change me for the better!

I got a new job! YAY!! I was pretty miserable in retail... and although I am not all the way out of retail, I'm stepping in the right direction and my "Black Friday" will not be as bad as it has been the last ten years I've worked in retail.

I also got to spend more time with my nephew. It's getting much easier to handle him, I'm learning to treat him like a little person, rather than a child. He's still not talking much, but according to what I've read online, it's pretty normal for a 17-month-old. He has about 5 words under his belt, but I'm working on "Ti-ti Julie" next. It'll be alot better than him yelling "stop!" all the time (I think it's his favorite word lol).

Here's one of our latest selfies....

Look at that smile!!! :-D He's so handsome!

So, with that said, let's move right along into the numbers....

Sunday - 1.75 miles
Monday - 2.40 miles
Tuesday - 3.42 miles
Wednesday - 4.16 miles
Thursday - 2.70 miles
Friday - 4.04 miles
Saturday - 3.87 miles

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these numbers. I wore my FitBit Zip everyday except for Sunday, which is why I put down my "normal" steps for that day.

Weekly total ::: 22.34 miles
Weekly goal ::: 24.50 miles
Deficit ::: -2.16 miles

I'll take that as a victory. Having still not really put myself back into the healthy mindset, I feel like I did try a little harder this week than the last week, and although I missed the goal, I feel alot better that I did make more of an effort, even if I didn't want to.

So, where am I now? With this week's total, it puts me at.....

407.50 miles!

Only 220 miles left to go!!

So, I'm getting closer! I can almost smell the forrest-y smell of the National Park now.... YUMMMM

I am sooo close! Stopping between Charleston and Savannah this week.

Look at that beautiful red line!! :-)

A comparison of Amy and I up to week 16 (this week).
I might be closer but she's right on my heels, I think she really
wants to make some s'mores!! :-D

Amy and I have both been quite busy. And, she's decided to SuperWoman herself up and join in on Na[tional]Blo[g]Po[sting]Mo[nth], where she posts one blog a day for the month of November! No thank you! LOL But I will be excitedly reading hers!!!!! Just make sure to REMIND HER TO GET HER FITNESS IN!!!! Maybe she can do a daily blog about just how much this challenge means to her to finish!???! [HINT HINT!!]

Road Trip Review 10/20 - 10/26

Ah yes, I fell behind. Two whole weeks behind. I just didn't make the time to get myself right, and let my fitness take a backseat ride to unimportant things, like eating junk food and playing video games, and worrying about my Ethics college class that I ended up dropping anyway. Ugh. Time to refocus.

Let's make this one quick. I won't have any maps, but I will have an extended map for the following week I'm about to do.... :)

Sunday - 4.50 miles
Monday - 4.10 miles
Tuesday - 3.00 miles
Wednesday - 1.75 miles
Thursday - 1.75 miles
Friday - 1.25 miles
Saturday - 2.00 miles

Weekly Goal - 24.50 miles
Weekly Total - 18.35 miles
Deficit ::: -6.15 miles

Ouch. I started the week off strong, with zumba on Sunday and Tuesday, and a nice busy day running errands on Monday after class... but I dropped it towards the end of the week. I am really struggling to balance everything right now, and am thankful I don't have any children because I'm sure they would be neglected and I would be a terrible parent. Right now I feel bad I can't take the dog for a walk everyday (and the main reasoning for that is she is hard to walk, what with the whole dog-on-dog aggression issue... yeah...)

So, let's move right into next week!