Monday, November 18, 2013

Road Trip Review 11/03 - 11/09

Again I find myself two weeks behind. So, once again, I won't have a map up on this week, but I will have a big one for next week.

It may seem like I'm not really into this challenge anymore. I have to say my motivation to keep up with the blog portion of it has waned, but not the dedication to the challenge itself. I don't use my computer much now that I only have one online class (the other I dropped before it hurt my GPA)...... which is probably why I am late with the updates. I think I will get better, I will just have to make it a habit of using a template and updating it when I go on to get and submit my homework, about 4 times a week. Then, on Sunday night when I'm finishing and submitting the homework I'll finalize and post it. Yeah... the theory sounds great. We'll see what happens.

Shall we get this over with?

Sunday - 7.98 miles
Monday - 2.60 miles
Tuesday - 3.33 miles
Wednesday - 1.75 miles
Thursday - 1.90 miles
Friday - 1.69 miles
Saturday - 1.46 miles

Weekly total - 20.91 miles
Weekly goal - 24.50 miles
Deficit ::: -3.59 miles

Ouch. Well, I started strong. Then it all went downhill from there. I am so GOOD about the beginning of the week. Then I think... well, since I did so good... maybe I'll take a day off. Three days in a row. UGH.

So, on to next week shall we?

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