Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Road Trip Review 10/20 - 10/26

Ah yes, I fell behind. Two whole weeks behind. I just didn't make the time to get myself right, and let my fitness take a backseat ride to unimportant things, like eating junk food and playing video games, and worrying about my Ethics college class that I ended up dropping anyway. Ugh. Time to refocus.

Let's make this one quick. I won't have any maps, but I will have an extended map for the following week I'm about to do.... :)

Sunday - 4.50 miles
Monday - 4.10 miles
Tuesday - 3.00 miles
Wednesday - 1.75 miles
Thursday - 1.75 miles
Friday - 1.25 miles
Saturday - 2.00 miles

Weekly Goal - 24.50 miles
Weekly Total - 18.35 miles
Deficit ::: -6.15 miles

Ouch. I started the week off strong, with zumba on Sunday and Tuesday, and a nice busy day running errands on Monday after class... but I dropped it towards the end of the week. I am really struggling to balance everything right now, and am thankful I don't have any children because I'm sure they would be neglected and I would be a terrible parent. Right now I feel bad I can't take the dog for a walk everyday (and the main reasoning for that is she is hard to walk, what with the whole dog-on-dog aggression issue... yeah...)

So, let's move right into next week!

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