Monday, September 30, 2013

Road Trip Review 9/22 - 9/28

Week 11. Whew. I am toughing this out. I don't think I have EVER kept up some sort of fitness THING for this long... unless you count my gym membership lol.

Well, according to the charts, I should have walked 269.5 miles up until this point. Let's see how I did!

Sunday : 1hr Zumba, 1hr Core workout, every day steps 3.5mi
Monday : 2hr Lower/Upper Body workout w cardio mixed in, every day steps : 3.75mi
Tuesday : 1hr Zumba, 1hr Yoga, 1hr Walk/Jog, 1hr Core : 4.00mi
Wednesday : every day steps, 2mi walk : 3.75mi
Thursday : 2hr Core, every day steps : 3.75mi
Friday : NADA (I'll explain)
Saturday : 1hr walk (slow pace), 1hr yoga : 2.00mi

Thursday night I came down with a pretty violent sinus infection. It literally knocked me on my ASS Friday and Saturday. Friday I don't think I even took a mile's worth of steps, and even if I did it was very zombie like and NOT fitness oriented AT ALL. So, I will count that as a zero day. Saturday I felt a little better, but still was pretty icky; I took full advantage of the steam room at my gym, going for about an hour and walking on the treadmill at a snail's pace after. I figured it should count for something. Then, later that night I did some gentle yoga because I was sore from not moving much the past two days. It was nice.

So, my week's total is ........... 20.75mi!
The weekly goal is 24.50mi, Which means I am down....

Icky. Another week in the red. Granted, last week I was only a quarter of a mile in the red, but still, I'm trying not to make a habit of it! I also am having trouble keeping track of what days Mary and I hit the gym together and whether or not we do a class, or work out our core, or arms, or legs.... I need a calendar in my car so I can write it when I leave each day! :-P

So, my 11 week total up until this point is.....


That's +24.53 miles from my 11-week goal.... I'm almost a FULL WEEK AHEAD!

OMG I'm in GEORGIA!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!


A zoomed out look....

Still a ways to go though.....

Huzzah!! I am very happy to see that number! It kinda leads into my stolen-from-Amy idea of the random picture for tonight.....

With all of this craziness going on in EVERYONE'S lives at ANY MOMENT..... don't forget to STOP and BE AWESOME!

And, one for the road, because this Doctor knew what it was ALL ABOUT!

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  1. A week ahead?!!? AWESOME!

    Being ahead sure payed off for times when you just CAN"T exercise.

    I miss you....I'm proud of you and love the pictures!!!