Sunday, September 1, 2013

Road Trip Review 8/25 - 8/31

Well, another week has come and gone. I cannot believe that I have kept this up for 7 weeks running now! This is.... well, a new record for me!

So, how did I fare?

Sunday : 4.49mi (+0.99)
Monday : 1.75mi (-1.75)
Tuesday : 2.50mi (-1.00)
Wednesday : 1.75mi (-1.75)
Thursday : 10.50mi (spin class) (+7.00)
Friday : 3.5mi (Even)
Saturday : 3.5mi (Even)

So, totals for the week:

Goal: 24.50
Actual: 27.99
Difference: +3.49 miles!

WOOHOO! A small victory! If I hadn't done that spin class I would have for sure missed that goal!

So, where am I now?

I'm almost to Disneyland!!

I can almost see Cinderella's castle in Orlando!! :)

Total distance travelled: 194.33 mi
I'm closing in on ONE THOUSAND MILES!!

I have another 287 miles to go before I'm out of Florida and into Georgia.

Looking at my 7 week average, I'm averaging about 27.76 miles per week. That's only 3.25 miles more than my weekly goal. I need to step that up!! I'm hoping this week I can at least put 10 extra miles on my total on top of my minimum goal! (And it'll be without the spin class!)

If you have yet to discover what this is all about, please go see Amy. She is way more detailed than I am. And while you're there, give her a good pat on the back for her 7-week record so far and a cheer to keep her going!

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