Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trying to find my zen

So, as you all know, I am a workaholic. Well, not really. The true backstory on that is that I got into retail management when I was 18 and basically never looked back. I worked full- (and over-) time and left school as an afterthought. Well, now, I have made a decision to help myself. As of this week I am now a part time associate at my store. I'm still up about 30-32 hours a week/5 days, but that will change as they hire someone to take my full-time spot.

It's nice already, I have two days where I'm there only 4 hours. 4. Not 8, not 10, but 4. It's a nice feeling already. I can now ask for 4 days off and not worry about my pay, and I can stop fighting them for vacation time I rightfully earned but was never given.... I can just work.

So, where's the zen in that, right? Obviously, it's not there. But, I have decided that the house is going to be my little project. My baby. And I'm starting with the outside. Right now, weeds have taken over the planters, and it looks very white-trashy around my house. I'm going to change that. I  plan to weed out the planter, remove the stupid dark-red rocks that came with the place, and put down some mulch and little non-shedding plants to make our house a real home again.

Gardening is going to be my zen.

I may even move on to try veggie gardening again, but seeing as how I couldn't even keep a tomato plant alive I'm weary at this point. The plants I just got this weekend are harder to kill, they are like little cactuses (cacti?) and are just so cute! I got them at Wal-Mart on clearance because they were kinda scruffy-looking. And I like scruffy looking.

So, let me introduce you! Firstly, there is the beautiful orchid my Mother brought me for Easter. It's so beautiful!

I'm going to try like hell to keep that alive, although I heard orchids can sometimes be a pain in the ass! :)

And these little guys are going to line my back patio once that is de-weeded and de-rocked.

From left to right: dieffenbachia, hypoestes, celosia
(Click names for their wiki info!)

So, there you have it. I just learned that the dieffenbachia is more of a houseplant, so I will likely just find a cute pot to move him into and keep him on the porch, maybe our outdoor table. I will also continue to grow my little collection and hopefully in the next week or two begin my gardening adventures! I which case, I may need another blog to do so! :-)

I'm off to yoga at 9, then lounging by the pool with some girlfriends from work for a few hours... what a nice day off indeed! :)

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  1. I had to keep reminding myself while I read that you are in sunny Florida. It stopped me from thinking....who the hell lounges around the pool this time of year!

    Yes! Plant veggies! Your tomato might do better in the ground and not a pot.

    I am very glad you have decided to find time for yourself and not make work your main focus. It's so hard not to, 'cause basically the world revolves around money.

    Now that you have time for you, you will be a skinny thng in no time