Friday, August 17, 2012

SWEAT. TEARS. It's one, or the other.

Just a little blurb, I may do a full update later.

My mother has told me my aunt's color is returning, but that she is still under the sedation for her brain.I stopped by work and embarrassingly broke down in front of my boss about my aunt, but I now have Sunday off too just in case I need to be at the hospital.

I needed a release, crying wasn't really doing it for me. The sensation of crying just doesn't get me anywhere. My tears are not magical and usually I feel worse after crying, so I hit the gym. I told Amy I wasn't going to do my C25K workout, but I needed something to take the edge off, so I did it anyway.

I have successfully completed Week 1 of the program. I feel good about that.

Here is my weather pic. I know there's no sunrise, but the gray day seems to fit the mood. Florida has a lot of them lately.

Here is also just a little thing I made to be my Facebook banner. I know the idea itself is not original... but I like the phrase and it just seems to fit today for me...

Anyway, after my treadmill workout, I did some weights for my arms, and hit the roller thingy for my abs. I can feel them! This is a good sign. I also believe I could become addicted to working out. It is beginning to be fun for me. That would have been a scary statement to make a year ago, but I'm confident in saying it now. :)

Ta Ta. No lyrics for this guy... music just really isn't doing it for me today..

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  1. Good for doing the run!

    Hope it made you feel a tab that if under stress like this you can do can do it ANYTIME!

    Here's an a year from now...let's both be so addicted to working out that people point and stare at how awesome we are ;-)