Thursday, August 23, 2012


I know that there's a bunch of  stuff out there saying things like.. 

But I don't think I believe it. I mean.... I've only really gotten serious about working out in the past... 2, maybe 3 weeks, and I've already noticed my butt doesn't jiggle NEARLY as much as it did.

I also feel SO. MUCH. BETTER!!

I guess it could be that maybe I just accepted the fact that I got myself into this mess, and now I have to claw my way back out..... it could be many things I guess.... but no matter what, I feel changed. Empowered!

So, I didn't end up falling asleep until around midnight. I was tired by 9:30, but with the combination of the hubby not being home, a new movie my roommate got for me, and knowing that Thursday was my day off, I guess I just didn't get what I needed.

It was SUPER hard to get out of bed this morning. I shut my alarm off at 4:45a, and didn't roll out of bed until 5:00a. I did tell myself to suck it up, and that if I felt a good enough burn I would reward myself with a nap sometime in the early afternoon... so that convinced me.

I did the Week 2 Workout 1 of the C25K program. Running for 90 seconds is no easy task for a blimp with legs like me!! But, I did it!! Yay!!

Here is my picture. You'll notice it's still pretty dark, but that's because I only did 30 min on the treadmill and a power 15 minutes on the weights!

I ended up running to Walmart after the gym, despite being nasty and sweaty, to grab a few things to prepare for the hurricane/tropical storm/whatever is coming on Monday. So, after I left there, I got another pic!

Much prettier!

Anyway, that's all I've got. I think I'm going to finish up the laundry, start on some homework.... and take that promised nap some time after noon! :) :)

Miss Independent
Miss Self-sufficient
Miss Keep-your-distance

Miss Unafraid
Miss Outta-my-way
Miss Don't-let-a-man-interfere, no

Miss On-her-own
Miss Almost-grown
Miss Never-let-a-man-help-her-off-her-throne
-"Miss Independent", Kelly Clarkson

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  1. So proud that you got out of bed! I totally would NOT have!

    That is why I no longer even kid myself about getting out of bed early to work out!

    I feel the same way after a good I could take on the world!

    Keep it up Julie!