Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Couch to 5K, Week 1 Workout 1

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk.
Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging
and 90 seconds of walking
for a total of 20 minutes.

Let me just start off by facepalming myself. I didn't take any paper or anything with me, and ended up alternating my "run"/walk for 35 minutes! No wonder I'm tired!!

That being said, let's move on.

My husband came with me last night. Which was pretty awesome. He didn't start the program, but he came for a walk with me and I ended up leaving him behind around the first half-mile. When I got close to the 1 1/2 mile mark I did turn around and headed back to him, so all in all not only did I overkill and successfully complete Week 1 Workout 1 of the challenge, it made me do almost 2 1/2 miles as my distance. AWESOME!

When I first started, I thought "Maybe this won't be so bad. I mean a minute goes by so quick, I won't even realize I'm running!" ..... Yeah. No.

After the first three sets, I started to hyperventilate. After all, I was not only out of my comfort zone, but I realized just how unfit I really am. I pushed through, and although this wasn't a fast-paced run (I guess it was closer to a jog? But it was faster than a walk..) I definitely stuck to the 60/90 ratio. By the time 32 minutes rolled around (which included my 5min walk), I decided it was good enough, because I thought it was supposed to be for 30 minutes total, not 20.

I am thankful I had Mr. Clippy with me. Music definitely helped me out a lot and kept me from focusing on the time and let me enjoy running, even if just a teeny tiny bit. I recommend if you're an iPod user to get the podcast called the "CLUBcast". It's different DJs who mix in clubs, and the music flows nicely. It has some music I don't care for (rap), but sometimes they mix so you can't even hear the words.... it's a nice distraction overall. And the podcast is free, and they last from 35-55 minutes each. (The other one I subscribe to, the "JogTunes Indie Podcast" has music that's unfamiliar to me, so I'm not as partial to it.....)

I had to come home and ice my knee after that. The cho-pat strap kept most of the swelling at bay, and the Sauconys I'm wearing are nice and cushion-y, so that helped too. But when I removed the strap the swelling started to show more. I iced my knee for about 10 minutes, than took a hot shower (which turned into a lukewarm shower in about 2 minutes) to cool off.

As of this morning, this is still some swelling leftover, but I guess I can make it through work today. At least I have tomorrow off!

Overall reaction to this program: Optimistic
Hungover feeling: Refreshed, yet achy

I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you
I can't rest, I can't fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you, without you
-"Without You", David Guetta

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  1. JULIE!!! AWESOME JOB GIRL! So glad you just took the plunge and started running! It's great that your husband went with you too! Perhaps next time when you start running, you just need to grab his hand and drag him along.

    I had to chuckle a bit, because I remember thinking the same thing....how hard can it be to run for a minute...that is no time AT ALL! First off, the LONGEST 60 Seconds OF MY LIFE!!! Seriously...I am pretty sure the treadmill was adding seconds when I wasn't looking and my body automatically checked the timer every 30 seconds!

    But seriously...you sure did put in your dues and I am proud of you.... especially considering you have knee trouble and ended up with some swelling, but I hope you keep pushing and I am sure that aspect will get better!

    For sure we would have coffee if we were closer! I am SURE we would be "BFF's"...'cause I TOTALLY get your sense of humour...it's right in line with my own! :-)

    And hey, did you check out if there is a TOPS group near you yet? I challenge you to do so! :-)