Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two-fer Saturday (This one's quick!)

So, here's my motivation to keep a gym schedule this week... I'm going to post my work and gym schedules so you can get on me if I don't make it to the gym, even though (according to the schedule) I CLEARLY have the time to do so.

Work                                    Schedule
12:15-8:45                            10-11 Zumba
9:45-5:45                              7:45-8:45p Core N More
OFF  (Interview)                   4:30-5:30p Step N Sculpt
1:30-10:00                            9-10a Yoga
OFF (Class)                          OFF gym
10:00-6:00                             7:30-8:30p Yoga
10:30-7:00                             OFF gym

So there it is. Now, Tuesday might have to be nixed because of the interview I have, and if that happens then I'll probably hit the gym equipment sometime on Thursday before class.

Have a Super Saturday!! :)

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