Thursday, February 14, 2013

My FitBit has a first name: it's H-E-L-P-FUL

This little thing is absolutely awesome! He's discreet, and has a little smiley that let's me know what he thinks of my efforts for the day! I get a :-) when I get a good amount of steps going, and a :-P when he thinks I should pick it up a notch.

I have lost my iPod Classic, I lost it last Friday and have not seen it since.... I'm pretty sad about it.
Mr. Clippy (my iPod Shuffle) is okay for gym and general music listening, but there wasn't a way for me to plug him into my car to listen when I'm driving (the radio stations here are so BORING and REPETITIVE when they're not playing a bazillion COMMERCIALS!) :-[

I wanted to find a cheap regular MP3 player to replace my original iPod (he's called Old Guy, cuz he was a few years old... I name my devices lol) but I can't find anything that has a good price to Gig-capacity ratio. I mean seriously, $25 for 2GB? Uh... no.

Anyway, just a quickie tonight. I am a very good talk-it-all-up-but-fail person this week. I had a plan to go to the gym 5 days this week, and have been twice. FML.

Today was my last day off until next Friday (2/22) when my cousin and I leave for our Snorkel/Dive trip in central FL. I cannot wait for that!!

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