Monday, March 14, 2016


So, I had a moment of hesitation tonight. I was in the hospital doing my Monday night volunteer thing, and I was curious about how much nurses make. My head nurse, I will call her H, told me she works four 12-hour days as her workweek, as do many of the other nurses. I looked up what a nurse in my area makes, on average. $60k. That's the average amount. Checking with CareerBuilder and the hospital's careers page directly, and they report close to the same numbers, about $27/28 per hour for Full-Time Nurses.

What if I'm in school for the wrong thing? What if I would make a great nurse, and have wasted so much time doing something else?

What if I hate my job?

What if I never get a job?

What if I never finished school?

Where is my summer tuition payment coming from?

....And so the spiral began. Into the deep dark hole of insecurity and uncertainty; of wanting to run away and leave everything behind; of feeling miserable about being my age and not having a definitive plan of action, or a clear course laid out.

But, instead of clamming up and losing my head, I decided to start writing... and I ended up with a poem.


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  1. You wrote that! Seriously! Amazing!!

    You know....maybe you are meant to be a nurse, or a doctor or an engineer! I'm not sure I still know what I want to be and I am almost 40! I think that the path you are on is a good one...because hopefully it will allow you to do the things that nurses don't have as much time to do anymore....offer comfort, love and support to their patients.

    Love you!