Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Flowers : The Goals I Hope to Let Bloom

Well, I firstly must say I am caught up on my blog readings! If you get a weird comment three weeks after you posted the blog, I swear it was me and not a hacked robot! :-P

So, let's talk goals. I know in my April Recap I said no challenges and no pictures! I mean it!

But, I still want to have goals. Just nothing that requires daily reminders on my phone!

So, here are a few I came up with:::

  • Start the Couch to 5k program.... again.
  • Clear out the back planter and put in some flowers
  • Lose 5 lbs for May
  • A better fit to my size 16 pants, because I am NOT going back to 18s.
  • Take at least 1 day a week, maybe an hour or so, to sit out back and READ!
See? Nothing with any true commitment! Nothing that I will have to angrily fit between my stupid work and school schedules! All goals that I can accomplish if I put my mind to them, and goals which make me a better me!

I will try and take a few pictures of the planters, but they are really embarrassing right now. We are terrible with yard work (we have a HUGE LAWN!!) and both work so much there isn't much time to spend doing it all! We may hire someone to do the trimming, so I can focus solely on the planters/flowers/possible future small garden!

Also, as a side note, I will be changing up my blog layout. I love my orange background, but hate the gray text/textbox thing. I need something brighter and cheery-er!

Did the April showers bring you any May flowers??

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