Friday, January 10, 2014

A Challenge Has Appeared!

So, brushing over the news online, I found myself face to face with THIS STORY.

It's about a woman who made the commitment to work out for 100 days and record, in ten-second videos, her changes.

But the changes weren't just physical. They were. It was amazing.

But what's more is the psychological changes that are happening. She's struggling. But it's beautiful. She's beautiful for doing it.

I'm sure there are tears, and struggles, and a bunch of self-hate; because that's what happens. You dig through the shit to get to the shiny stuff.

So, I researched. And found the website that she went to and joined. (It's free!)

So starting January 20th, I'm going to Give It 100 Days. I am challenging myself to strengthen my core. Because I have muscle strength. But I can't hold a plank for more than 20 seconds. I can't do a push-up, or a sit-up, or balance myself with a simple yoga pose.

One hundred days from January 20th will be my 27th Birthday. I'm hoping to hold a plank for at least 2 minutes!

I will be documenting my challenges through the GiveIt100 Website, but I will also post a blog about it every 25 or so days. But I encourage you to try something you're interested in for 100 days.

Give it 100..... It might just change your life.

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  1. I'm going to investigate this further..thanks for the link