Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Trip Review (7/28 - 8/3)

Well, another week has gone by and further away I get from home. Let's review, shall we?

Sunday: 1.86 miles
Monday: 2.00 miles
Tuesday: 3.50 miles
Wednesday: 3.00 miles
Thursday: 3.50 miles
Friday: 3.50 miles
Saturday: 3.50 miles

Total: 20.86 miles
Goal: 24.50 miles
Deficit: -3.64 miles

Total 3 Week Deficit: -14.41 miles

Well, looking at those numbers I feel alittle down. I knew I had missed my goal for each week so far, but 15 miles down for the total? Ouch. So, that means to me that I need to step it up and walk some more! And ride my bike! And get to the gym! Hop to it, Julie!!

This week's map:

The bend in the red line is my latest progress...

A zoomed out look. The Green dot is where I left off
last week, so I finally made it to Arcadia!

Arcadia. A town filled with mostly Hispanic people. So, I'm stopped for the night and most likely eating a tummy-grumbling meal of pork and rice and beans. (YUK!)

I'm still about 15 miles down from where I should be, but I am determined to make up at least HALF of those miles this week!!

How did you get out and shake it this week??

Don't forget to root my partner in crime, Amy, along her journey, too!!

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  1. You are getting there! Keep up the great work, I know you two will get to Virginia in no time. :) If you have to add a few miles to make up the deficit. Go for it, you have nothing to lose!