Sunday, May 19, 2013

S-A-TUR-DAY- NIGHT! [Wrap up] - 2 Weeks

Fitness for the week (5/5-5/11):

Sunday - Couch to 5k, Week 5 Day 1 (repeat week)
(29min, Max HR 182, Avg HR 147, 162 Cal Burned, 6.2g Fat Burned)

Monday - Nada

Tuesday - Dance Fusion

(50min, Max HR 181, Avg HR 140, 253 Cal Burned, 10.2g Fat Burned)

Wednesday - Couch to 5k, Week 5 Day 2 (repeat week)
(35min, Max HR 190, Avg HR 151, 203 Cal Burned, 7.1g Fat Burned)

Thursday - 45 min walk with my cousin
(45 min, Max HR 155, Avg HR 106, 115 Cal Burned, 7g Fat Burned)

Friday - Yoga @ the Gym, without HR monitor
Saturday - Nada

Weekly Non-Scale Victory:

I don't have a non-scale victory for these last two weeks. If anything I feel as if I've failed to maintain what I thought was a pretty decent run of fitness each week. Any last week I didn't even do my wrap up.... UGH! I partly blame school, but that has really been my only reasoning why I've fallen behind. :-\

Fitness for the week (5/12-5/18):

Sunday - Zumba!
(55 min, Max HR 194, Avg HR 163, 437 Cal Burned, 13.3g Fat Burned)

Monday - Nada

Tuesday - I don't remember! But there is two
entries on my HR monitor for this day..
(22 min, Max HR 172, Avg HR 139, 111 Cal Burned, 5.1g Fat Burned)
(15 min, Max HR 164, Avg HR 134, 58 Cal Burned, 3.1g Fat Burned)

Wednesday - Nada

Thursday - Zumba with Lili
(55 min, Max HR 170, Avg HR 141, 292 Cal Burned, 13.6g Fat Burned)

Friday - Nada

Saturday - Nada

I feel like such a slacker! This new Anatomy & Physiology class is extremely demanding (we've only had 4 classes so far and we've had to read 7 chapters!) but I still feel like a couch potato!

This week I have a root canal coming up tomorrow (Monday) so I know there won't be exercise on my schedule for that day or Tuesday I bet (as on Tuesday I have a big test for A&P!)

But here is what I'm seeing....

Fitness Plans for the Week (5/19-5/25):

Sunday - Zumba with Johnny!

Monday - Nada (Root Canal...) :-\

Tuesday - Maybe yoga? Or spend a few hours at my mother-in-law's pool..

Wednesday - Dance Fusion with Missy

Thursday - Zumba with Lili

Friday - Weight Training

Saturday - Free Running (meaning no Couch to 5K Program)

We'll see.
I think my biggest obstacle is I'm trying to do all these different
programs, the Couch to 5K, the Biggest Loser Weight Circuit,
the 30-day Cardio Abs Challenge (which, BTW, I gave up
on, like, last Monday...). And so I feel stressed whenever I
miss a day. So, I think until this Anatomy & Physiology class
is over (which will be on June 19), I'm just going to try and
make it to classes at the gym, and do some "free running"
and "free weight training" where there is no real "Day 1,
Day 2, Day 3...." program I'm following. That will make my
life just a tad bit easier to follow! :)

Happy Fitness Everyone!

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