Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hero's Failure and Getting Back Up

As much as my dearest friend Amy has been checking in on me, I have failed to keep up with the Hero's Journey. I realize now, that it was way too much, too fast. How was I to hit the ground at 60 mph, when really I should start with a light jog and then maybe some healthy eating? After all, I keep telling myself and all of you that it's ...

So, I'm making a change. 30 Days of it to be exact.

Because, not only does have the Hero's Journey, but they have over a half dozen more programs to help you, and most of them do not require weights of any kind!!

So, I looked through them, and am trying a new program. Starting tomorrow (Monday). 30 Days of Change.

30 Days of Change


It's not complicated, no points or storyline. Just simple, every day exercises. And easier ones at that. Because believe me when I say that doing "pushups til failure" means I only do 1. Because my upper arm strength is nonexistent.

Along with this new program, I'm going to focus back on my eating. (See 1st pic above). I need to realize at some point that eating shit and working out do not go together. I will not be following's Modern Hero Diet like I tried with the Hero's Journey, but I will be using it as a guide. John is cooking up like 10lbs of chicken breast today for the week, and I will portion out accompanying sides like brown rice, brussel sprouts, and so on, to go with my protein. I will also focus on making delicious breakfasts and limiting my snacking to veggies or fruit only. And, I'm back off soda, AGAIN.

It feels like a song and dance I do monthly, but I have printed several copies of this....

...and have put them in all of the important places, which I will rotate weekly, or else I will just ignore it. This week I have one in the office above my computer monitor, and one in the mirror on my sun visor, which I use almost every day.

So, here's to another chance, another change, and 30 days of success. 

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  1. BRAVO!!!!!

    I do this all the time too, I expect to just be able to wake up Monday and be able to run a 5 km and eat nothing but salad. The sad reality is I cannot!

    I'm going to check out the program and I look forward to reading about it from you! I'm going to be checking up on you again every day or so!! :-)

    Here is an example of taking it and push ups....mine are not classic push ups! I am in the proper position on my toes, etc, but I only go down about a 1/4 inch. It's all I can manage, I too have NO upper arm strength and I am expecting them to support a lot of weight. I can do about 10 of them, but eventually, I will be able to do more of them and get lower, but I have to start somewhere and need to be proud of it.