Monday, June 15, 2015

Hero's Journey by Darebee: Day 1

Today wasn't the greatest day ever. By no stretch, was it the worst either. I was overworked and underFED at work today (no lunch in a 10-hour shift), plus I packed and hauled a total of 480-ish pounds in 28 varying size boxes up and down counters and my whole body ached when I got home.

I convinced the husband to take me out, and we went to a local salad bar where I did pretty good, considering I hadn't eaten since this morning. Then I came home and we cooked about 12 chicken breasts for lunches/meals for the week, as well as broke up a pork loin into 2 roasts (freezed) and about 10 chops (4 kept out) for my pork nights this week.

Then I came into the office and powered through the Hero's Journey Day 1 workout.

It sucked. I was miserable, and it wasn't even that hard.

Day 1 - Press "Start" To Play
Level I - 60 Reps

Side Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
Toe Tap Hops

See... Not terrible. But it hurt. Especially those mountain climbers. Brutal on my already sore shoulders!

Anyway, here were my meals for the day:

Meals Planned:
-Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit + 1 banana
-Meal A: ham, tomato, lettuce sammich
-Meal B: roasted pork with brussel sprouts (as I do not have green beans)
-Snackie: cottage cheese

Meals Executed:
-Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit
-Snackie: cottage cheese

Everything else I ate was not on the meal plans. UGH!

I will get my before pictures up soon, so look for an update on that!

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  1. Girlfriend! I am so damn proud of you! Way to carry through with your goal for the day, despite it not going like you planned at all!

    You've got this! Can't wait to read more about it