Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Road Trip Review : July & August Two-Fer!

Well, July came and went, August ran past me without so much as a hello, and here we are in the second week of September. What a year it has been!!! Did you know there are only 11 weeks until Thanksgiving? 15 until Christmas????? FFFUUUUUUUUUUU....... I'd better start shopping now!

So, of course, I've set myself up for failure again. I did not lose the 5 lbs at the end of August that I wanted to, but I came close. 3lbs actually. And that's better than nothing. [Insert mini celebration here].

I have gotten full swing into my full time job, and full time school, and I feel like I have very little time to see my husband. So much so that when I do see him, it's as we turn in for the night or him being the awesome man he is and making me lunch in the early morning when I'm still a zombie before he heads out the door for work before me. What a man! /Swoon

So, let's review..

-The distance from home to Crowley's Ridge National Park is 849 miles.
-The distance from there to Devil's Den State Park is 215 miles.
-My total goal distance is then 1,064 miles.
-Challenge runs from January 1st thru October 31st, which is 304 days.
-That means... I need to cover 3.5 miles per day to achieve my goal distance.
-Of that 3.5 miles, only half (1.75 miles) can come from my everyday normal walking!

The Road So Far.....

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 79.79 miles
Deficit: -28.71 miles

Goal: 98 miles
Distance: 88.16 miles
Deficit: -9.84 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 111.34 miles
Deficit: +2.84 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 184.73 miles
Deficit: +79.73 miles

Goal: 108.50 miles
Distance: 77.11 miles
Deficit: -31.39 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 51.78 miles
Deficit: -53.22 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 77.30 miles
Deficit: -31.20 miles

Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 92.03 miles
Deficit: -12.97 miles

So, I should be at 847 miles.

I am currently at 762.24 miles.

I am down -84.76 miles. Ouchies.

Now, looking at what's left on our journey, From September 1st until October 31st there are 61 days.

I am 308.76 miles short of my final destination.

So....to meet my goal, I need to do around 5.06 miles from now until the end of the challenge.

YIKES!!!! I'd better get my ass in gear.

And, the special prize for tonight..... I actually updated and took pictures of my map!!!! MUAHAAHAHAH!!

All of the dark red pins are progress made but monthly goal not hit. The green dots are monthly goals made. Wow.... that's a lot of red dots.... (to be fair the 2 even ones on top are my destination dots....)

Go bug Amy and tell her to get her ass in gear too. We are struggling this year, and we need some motivation to keep going!!!!

Also, go like her Facebook Page!!!!

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  1. I will have my post up by Friday night!!! I PROMISE!

    Fear not...I am equally behind I think, if not more!

    I'm still planning to rock September though! Let's kick this girl!!!