Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Night Musings

So, it has been a week or so since my last post. Friday was not a day of triumph for me, in fact it was quite the opposite. Murphy smacked me hard with his law and everything in my life seemed to have gone wrong that day. I spent the majority of it crying. Not just crying, but sobbing. And then of course my inner critic came by for a visit to kick me while I was down, and it was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

But, the weekend has progressed. It is Sunday night, today was my day off, and I go back in to work at 7AM tomorrow morning.

I made a delicious dinner tonight. My first since I dropped John off at the airport on Thursday (He's gone until the 5th!). I had a fillet of tilapia, some sauteed spinach, and a veggie-stuffed green pepper. Lots of veggies (probably three servings!) and some good proteins to boot. For having to make dinner alone, and do the clean-up, and the dishes, and the putting away of ingredients and leftovers, I must say I am still a fan of eating at home rather than eating out. I can have seconds, I can have less spinach and more fish if I want, and best of all, I know where my food came from!

Last night I met up with some gym bunny friends and my Zumba instructor, Johnny, to celebrate his birthday. The rest of the gang went off dancing at a Latin club afterwards, but I was so tired having worked that morning that I just came home and passed out. It was a nice time. One of the girls there is an instructor where my mother-in-law goes (a cardio club) and she is super sweet. I imagine we could be friends if I had time to make and maintain a friendship. I ordered a chicken cesar salad, and felt ashamed when I looked up and everyone else who ordered a salad stopped halfway through their bowl and was "stuffed". Being the biggest at the table, I know I should not feel guilty for finishing a fucking entree salad, but I did. So, I didn't finish it. I left 5 or 6 bites on it, and watched it get taken away to be thrown away. \sigh

This morning Julie and I went to breakfast, and we had omelettes and then ran around to Target and some other stores. We always have a nice time, and I don't feel like "the wife" when I'm with her (like some in-laws make their child's spouse feel). We had fun, we laughed, we tried weird clothes on (well I did because with her I have no shame!). We also stopped in to Planet Fitness, to look and see if that gym would be a good fit for us. Julie is tired of only going to a few zumba classes a week at her cardio club, and I feel like the gym I go to is catered to juicers and cliques of girls in yoga pants. When I go to use the free weights I feel the neckless 'roiders staring down at me, and when I try a new class I feel like the group of girls who suck up to the instructor are whispering about me as I walk by to find a spot in the back. With Planet Fitness, they are big on being a "JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE" and even have a working "Lunk Alarm" when people are being mindless lift machines. It has a ton of treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, and bikes, plus machines and even a small free weight area, free of huge weights and deadlift machines. We are considering joining. Julie has already put in her notice at her club, and tomorrow I go in to cancel my current membership. Overall, it was a good day. I came home and buckled down, got some homework done, and then made dinner, and a cup of coffee afterwards. Now, I should be getting back to homework, but I just felt like sharing my normal day with you two or three people who read this.

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  1. Ok, my first attempt at commenting disappeared!!! Grr!!

    Anyhoo, I was saying that NOW I have to get an Instagram account TOO!!

    Yahooie for finding a judgement free gym. Sounds great...I wish I had a gym buddy that was awesome (oh and the money for a gym membership)

    I'm also very sorry you had a crappy start to the weekend! Don't let the skinny bums get you down over salad...although getting into the habit of leaving a few bites on your plate after each meal is probably a good thing....but I feel ya...I have a hard time with it too!

    I hope you have a fantastic week! Love ya lots!