Monday, July 8, 2013

Julie and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Well, it is Monday. The evil-ist of days. Although, working in retail, there is no such thing as a "real weekend", as we retailers WORK most weekends.

I had this past weekend off. With Brian in MA until Tuesday, John & I took the time to run around the house butt-ass naked enjoying the married life go out and have some real time together doing couple-things!

Saturday we went to the White Sox @ Rays baseball game. Very enjoyable, since the Rays stadium is a DOME. Convenient for a pale sun-burn-prone mess like myself. On the way up we enjoyed a nice lunch together, and the drive was nice as we listened to a podcast and I read some of my book. Leisurely.

Sunday we went back to Tampa to visit the Dali Museum. It was fantastic, as always. I've only been one other time, and a few of Dali's works were lent out to other museums, while a few were brought in on lend from some, too. It was refreshing, and my eyes welled with tears when I stepped into the gallery, just like the did the first time I went. Dali is by far my favorite artist, although I'm no biographer of his; I do enjoy what people think of his works and how they interpret what they see in them.

John had a lot of fun, although Dali's more "religious" paintings were not his cup of tea, he loved Dali's earlier works of still life and of Dali's preferred "home": CadaquĆ©s, Spain.

A new edition to the museum on loan was Santiago El Grande, on loan from a Spanish musuem... and it was breathtaking! It was just about 2 stories tall, and was just a splendor to stand in front of. Yup, I love me some Dali.

To stand before this painting, even someone who is not religious, is to awaken something deep within. A feeling that you are but a small grain of sand on this Earth and that no matter what anyone tells you, you will always have to follow your heart above all else.

When reality came a-knocking this morning, I wanted to slam the door in its face and go back to bed. But, responsible adult that I am, I went to work. I was "attacked" by a toddler (he drew blood), and threatened by his mother because I asked them to not let their child hit me again. It was a simple and nice request, and I was nice to the kid (not like I flicked him off the box like a bug, I was gentle and patient while he frustratedly tried to open the box again) and felt I was in the right to ask the grandmother to watch the kid more carefully (said in the most professional of ways, mind you.).

People just frustrate me. John still has no idea why I'm such a glutton for punishment by continuing to work there, and neither do I, really. I like working in retail, or at least I did. A few of my friends suggested I try out for a waitressing job... something part time to get the feel for it. They say my charisma will totally bank me in tips.

Maybe instead of a fitness goal I should make a weekly goal of applying for a new job. That sounds like a good idea. Done! :)

So, today was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. (Oh, I also got out an hour late from my shift because we have hardly any staff and got yelled at for it..... yay!) but my weekend was awesome. I guess it all balances out in the end????

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  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who runs around the house naked when there is no one to watch.

    Your weekend sounds so nice. You are right when you commented that childless life suites you two. Don't ever let anyone give you flack for that. I love my kids to death, but I get it...I get wanting to be just the 2 of you. I know somedays I remember how much easier it was. Someday you might change your mind, but don't ever feel bad if you don't

    I have never heard of that artist, but the picture you posted was STUNNING. I have never been to an art gallery of any type as an's not hubby's thing. When you come to visit, we will go by ourselves. We have a small one here that is free. I should take the kids.

    I think the goal of looking for a new job is an awesome one. Mental health is just as important as the physical!