Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thoughts - Revisited 6/26

So, this past week we read about Metabolism and Nutrition for my Anatomy & Physiology class. It was eye-opening.

On top of the food journal he asked us to keep, Dr. D said two things that hit home, and that finally made sense (he would call it an "AH-HA!" moment)


See? AH-HA! It has never occurred to me to think of my body as a machine. The misconception that I actually have some control over my body is just my brain playing tricks on me. You see, I am a perfect machine. Without all of my body working together, I would not have the skeletal movement to type these words. I would not have the capacity to digest food and create energy.

We often go through our lives thinking we have the ultimate control over our bodies. The only thing we can control is what we put in it, and the maintenance on it. After that, my friends, perfection happens on its own.

I must admit that my food journal was not as accurate as it should have been, but for one very important reason: this past weekend was NOT a normal one. We went and saw a movie (a rare occurrence), and we had a cookout for John & Jeanette's birthdays (again, not a normal thing). It was the first time I've had steak in quite a while... months at least. But the other things I ate, breakfast and lunch, were semi-normal, and not very good for me.

I'm going to look into the government's MyPlate.Gov website and see if I can maybe create more balance in my meals. We always have salad with dinner, but the problem is that it hardly ever gets touched because we eat the main course first, because it gets loaded to our plate right from the pan. We need to change that. If it means bringing salad bowls out to ensure a nice clean salad before my meal, then that is what I shall do. I only have one body, and it's perfect, now I just have to keep it that way.

As for my second revelation, it's more of a statement of fact rather than a new discovery.

Ever hear your friends say they have to "kickstart their metabolism"?? They talk about their metabolism as if it is a process that begins only when you eat something. Well, let me let you in on a little secret...

2. Your metabolism is a
within your body!
....... and it NEVER STOPS!

There is no such thing as a "kick-start" to your metabolism. It is constantly going. Your metabolism is the SUM of all processes within the body, so it's not just about your digestion and conversion of food to energy. It's your urinary system, your cardiac rhythm, your lung function, brain function... metabolism is ALL OF THESE THINGS!

So what exactly does someone mean when they want to "kick-start" their metabolism? Well, when I've said it in the past, I was referring to eating every few hours to keep my body from creating more fat. And there's truth to that process. If you continually eat (not constantly, but every 2-4 hours like my doctor recommends), then your body will have no need to store any of the fat it's converting from your food into your body. If you eat every 5, 6, or even 7 hours, your body isn't sure where its next meal is coming from, and so it stores some of the intake for future use.

Will eating every 2/3 hours get rid of the fat you already have? No, but exercise will. If your body is continually using the energy from your often-eaten food, it can then begin to burn that excess you have when you add in some exercise.

For the rest of this week, I am going to write down what time I eat, although not what I am eating. I want to see if there is any improvement to be made in keeping my body from storing food.

Happy eating everyone!

6/26/13 - update

I didn't write down my eating times, but I know that most times there was at least 5 hours between meals.

It's the most difficult at work because I'll be working an 8-hour shift and only be able to get away from the front for my 30-minute lunch, which usually occurs about halfway through. I'd like to start asking my managers for 5-minutes about 2 hours in, then about 2 hours after my lunch so I can get a banana down, or a handful of almonds and a bottle of water. We'll see how that goes.

Someone suggested to me to get a cheap kitchen timer to clip to my belt/wherever and use a 2-hour timer to ensure I eat. This sounds like a good idea. And also I'm thinking I'll look ridiculous! Maybe there is a watch out there that has a count-down function and not just a stopwatch function? HMMMM....

Happy Eating!

BTW- Passed my anatomy & physiology final, so I'll be back to blogging probably this week! (I don't count this!) :-P


  1. Very interesting what you learned with your class. Glad to hear it is eye opening for you. Metabolism should be your friend and you need to make it work towards your advantage. Let us know how your experiment works this week, I will be anxious to hear about the results!

  2. I blog-stalked this the moment you wrote it, but just now am getting a chance to reply.

    Very mind-opening thoughts.....never really put things in perspective like that. Gives you reason to re-evaluate the way you think and make adjustments that are better suited.

    When I went to a healthy eating course, they gave us a food journal, and for the first week only, they wanted us to rate our hunger....from "eat a dead skunk" hungry to "insides are spitting full" (My examples, not theirs)....I didn't do it, because I wasn't able to continue with the class, but I try to stop and think about it sometimes.