Sunday, July 21, 2013

Road Trip Review (7/14-7/20)

Well, here it is, a full week since I've begun my journey to meet my bestie in Troutville, VA. Let's see if I've even made it out of the county!

Sunday: 1.43mi
Monday: 2.17mi
Tuesday: 3.50mi
Wednesday: 1.30mi
Thursday: 3.90mi
Friday: 2.43mi
Saturday: 3.5mi

Total: 18.23miles
Goal: 24.5miles
Deficit: -6.27

I feel pretty good! Yeah, I only hit my goal 3 out of 7 days, but I made solid effort, even though I was sore towards the tail end of the week. My back is feeling much better today, so I'm hoping to kick the week off with a good start!

So, I have 2 full days to make up this week, but I also have 2 days off, so I hope to get out and get some sunshine on my pale skin! I'd also like to get my bike checked out and tuned up, so I'm going to call our local Schwinn shop and see how much that will cost. If I have a bike then I can make local trips to the store without using the car and while also getting exercise.

So..... where does that 18.23 miles get me?

Yup... not even out of the county. I have made it to the highway. Yay!

So far, nothing exciting. I have actually been to the highway,
and it's a bunch of cows and industrial parks.

Go over and see Amy and cheer her on over at her blog. She did not quite go as far as I did, and she fears she'll be running on a treadmill instead of bringing in the new year, so go give her some encouragement!! :) :)

So, I'm on my way! Troutville, HERE I COME!

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  1. You did so awesome! You are only about a day 3 days!

    I love the map! You need to show me how you did that, I tried to find a way to punch in the starting point and say "what is from me?"

    I am so happy and honoured to be sharing this journey with you!