Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Flowers

Hello! It is now May, can you believe how time is flying?? I have been a busy bee even without working full time. I have gone back to believing that my thumbs are indeed, NOT black, and that I can provide a simple plant with food, water, and sunlight in order to keep it alive. I have decided that in order to do this, I need plants. LOTS of plants!

So, you may remember the three original members of my green family, you can refresh your memory here.

Well, I've since added a few!

Let's get the ball rolling!

This is one of the originals, but in a bigger pot. I noticed the browning
of the leaves and no wonder! His little roots were stretched to the max in there!
Now he's got room to grow!

Same thing with this little guy, he needed a bigger pot. For now this pot is bigger but
only slightly, I'm working on finding him a good one to grow with.

I'm crazy about this teacup pot for my orchid!
She's gonna love to stretch her roots out! :)

And now, the new guys!

Cat grass! In this cute little pot that my Aunt had given
me for Christmas! She will sit in the kitchen window
and hopefully grow a yummy treat for the cat!

In here are seed starters that have herb seeds in them.
Rosemary, parsley, thyme,
oregano, sage, & ....oh my, I don't remember the 6th one!
Well, as they grow, I have a strawberry pot I plan to move them into!

In this little guy I've got some carrot seeds starting. I really hope
that I can start growing my own veggies once the ground dries up a bit!

Up front there are 2 little seed starters that have
romaine lettuce in them! Once they sprout I'll transplant them
into a larger rectangular box to grow!

And that was just yesterday!!!
Let me show you what
I got this morning!!

A little Begonia plant. He needs some TLC and eventually
a bigger pot, but he was only $1.00!

This is a Sun Impatiens (?)
He will get big and pretty and
hopefully attract me some butterflies!

And this little guy!?!? He is dinner!
Bell Peppers!
I put him in a big pot cuz I know he'll grow fast!
I'm looking forward to plucking a pepper off and putting him in a salad!

So, that's my new little green family!
Family photo time!

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  1. Yahoo!

    We have 2 carrots coming up from last year. Alreay planning on putting in more potatoes and tomatos. I want to make my own sauce again this year. Brian didn't complain like I thought over last years.

    I need to plant lettuce soon too!