Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May was not a success.

...But I have no one to blame but myself.

I gave up on the Cardio-Abs Challenge for May around the 16th. Halfway. Yuck.

I have no one to blame but myself. I keep saying that, and it sounds so real, but I don't feel the same as if someone else said it to me.

I just didn't make the time.... the three minutes a day.... to do this. The time it takes to get dressed; the time it takes to brush my teeth; the time it takes to put on my shoes and get my car keys. Wow.

I'm a lazy chub-a-lub. Wow. Well, here's to a new month coming up. Starting June 1st, I'm going to do my own challenge. Something I feel will be better in my range. I have no fancy name for it, and no real structure, just guidelines.

  • Get in 30 minutes a day of some form of exercise
    • This can be: cardio (walking/running), weights (Biggest Loser Workouts), yoga, or a combo of any of these.
  • Eat 4 servings of veggies every day
  • Eat AT LEAST 2 servings of fruits every day
    • (This is because I'm not crazy about fruits, so I will do a minimum of 2 but try for 4)
  • I will not beat myself up over a missed workout, but I will make up for it. If I miss a day and can't make up the full half hour, then I put an extra 15 minutes for two days, and so on.

I have a goal of 20 pounds, that's 5 pounds a week. Do-able. If I cut out all the extras I've been unwilling to give up... like soda, sugary juices, snacks, etc.

I don't want to rely on my gym buddies to get motivation to go to the gym. Zumba on Sundays is a given, but during the week I tend not to go to a class unless one of the girlfriends is there. Why? Because I'll feel dumb not really knowing what the class is about. NO MORE! I am going to try one new class every week. Something I haven't done before, like a cardio kick class, or a 20-20-20 class, something that will not only get me moving, but give my body a chance to mix it up!

There it is. I'm also going to give up the Saturday Night Wrap-Up and go for a once weekly round-up but not on a specific day. With my school schedule being as crazy as it is at the moment, scheduled things are harder and harder to maintain. I'm still planning on holding myself accountable, just not on Saturday nights. :)

I feel better. Thanks for listening. :)

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  1. Oh Julie...I am a quitter too!

    I dropped the squat challenge around the same time. It was kind of boring and not as challenging as I was anticipating.

    I will join you in your challenge, but am going to add a food journal to it. I need to do that to be successful!

    I don't have anyone to blame but myself either, wish I could.

    Here is to us...I will help keep you motivated!

    Missed reading your blogs...so glad to see one again :-)

    Love you!