Sunday, April 28, 2013

S-A-TUR-DAY- NIGHT! [Wrap up]

Fitness for the week:

Sunday - Nada. Johnny was not teaching today so I
took the day off. I regret not going, but I got to spend
some time with my husband :)

Monday - Big Fat Nada again! I am disappointed I could hardly
finish Day 2 of Week 5 last week that I'm just feeling lazy.

Tuesday - I mowed our lawn. This may seem like a small thing, but it takes me over an hour, plus there are slopes and hills and it was pretty taxing on my body... and my hands! In the words of George Harrison, "I've got blisters on me fingers!"
(70 minutes, Max HR 168, Avg HR 14, 277 Cal Burned, 11.9g Fat Burned)

Then, later that night, I went to a "dance revolution" class at the gym. I am probably not going back to this class ever again. The instructor was unprepared to say the least, and the entire hour was spent repeating 4 songs and learning how to line dance. Oh yes, I said line dance. As in, slow methodic moves that barely break you in a sweat. UGH

(1 Hour, Max HR 160, Avg HR 117, 260 Cal Burned, 15.1g Fat Burned)

Wednesday - I went to a "dance fusion" class tonight. Different name, different instructor
She kicked my ass! My thighs and lower body are so sore today! But, I feel GREAT!
Thanks Missy, you did an AWESOME JOB!

(50 minutes, Max HR 171, Avg HR 19, 295 Cal Burned, 12.4g Fat Burned)

Thursday - Home time Zumba! I added a bunch of zumba songs that the routines
matched Johnny and Emily's pretty good (most are like 95% the same!) Then I used our fancy TV that has a YouTube App and I played them. It had an hour's worth of songs
but only played about 48 minutes.... so... here's my stats!

(50min, Max HR 179, Avg HR 150, 278 Cal Burned, 10.6g Fat Burned)

Friday - Biggest Loser Intermediate Workout #2
  • Warm up - 5min
  • Upper Body
    • Hammer Curls, Triceps Kickbacks, Dead Lifts, Chest Presses, T-Raises, Bent-Over Rows
      • 10 Reps each
  • Core Exercises
    • Bicycle Maneuver, Half Roll-Ups, Vertical Leg Crunches, Hip Extension
      • 10 Reps each
    • Side Plank
      • Hold 60sec, each side
  • Lower Body
    • Squats, Pile Squats, Reverse Lunge w/ Leg Lifts
      • 10 Reps each
    • Static Wall Squats
      • 1 Min
    • Calf Raises
      • 25 Reps

This entire workout is done twice through except the Half Roll-Ups, which thankfully was only once. I have been doing these workouts while watching my shows from the DVR. It's a nice way to accomplish two birds with one stone! :)


(1hr, Max HR 176, Avg HR 145, 304 Cal Burned, 13.5g Fat Burned)

Weight Check-In (Sat AM):

A three pound gain. Yucky. But, I'm moving past this. In fact, I'm going to get rid of this whole section. The weekly weigh-in is not good for my health... my stress.
Instead, starting next week, this will be for a non-scale victory! :)

Fitness Plan for the Week:

Sunday - Zumba! // C25K Week 4 Day 1
Monday - Biggest Loser Int Workout #3
Tuesday - (It's mah BDAY!) Week 4 Day 2
Wednesday - Biggest Loser Int Workout #1
Thursday - rest
Friday - Week 4 Day 3
Saturday - Biggest Loser Int Workout #2

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  1. You may feel bad for 2 days of no exercise, but if you actually look at your week in a did fantastic. You worked out more than you didn't.

    You should go and get a piece of pipe insulation from home depot and wrap it around the handle of the lawn mower...that might help (if you warm Florida people actually can buy pipe insulation...freezing pipes is PROBABLY not an issue for you!)

    Maybe you should take measurements and review them ever couple of may see a bigger change there than in the scale.

    I on the other hand, have eaten my weight in junk this week and our trip to the Hersey Chocolate store didn't help! BUT...I am on vaycay! :-)