Saturday, April 13, 2013

S-A-TUR-DAY- NIGHT! [Wrap up]

I just want to say I am dumb! I did not start a draft for this week, so here I am racking my brain on Saturday night trying to remember what I did this week! 

Fitness for the week:

Sunday - Zumba
(Max HR 185, Avg HR 156, 350 Cal Burned, 12.7g Fat Burned)

Monday - Nada

Tuesday - 20min of relaxation yoga in between work shifts

Wednesday - Couch to 5k Week 4 Day 1
(30min, Max HR 184, Avg HR 150, 150 Cal Burned, 5.6g Fat Burned)

Thursday - Nada, I was a lazy butt

Friday - Zumba! I was excited to get to this class!
(1hr, Max HR 175, Avg HR 153, 338 Cal Burned, 13.3g Fat Burned)

Then!!! Johnny (our Sunday instructor) stayed after class to do a few songs with us, because the new girl who did tonight's was okay, but definitely a newbie instructor!)

(20min, Max HR 180, Avg HR 154, 120 Cal Burned, 4.5g Fat Burned)

Saturday - Couch to 5k Week 4 Day 2
(30min/2.25mi, Max HR 184, Avg HR 152, 171 Cal Burned, 6.2g Fat Burned)

Weight Check-In (Sat AM):

((I forgot to weigh in this morning, so I will do this weigh
in Sunday morning and update it!))

Fitness Plan for the Week:

For this upcoming week I'm only working 3 days! (Wed, Fri, Sat). I'm so excited to be at a part-time level now, but I'm afraid with all of this extra time on my hands I will just sit around in my underwear watching Supernatural marathons! So, I have printed out a schedule and plan to make the most of my week by planning out all of my days and sticking to them! This will have everything- down time, work, school, study time, gym, etc!

Sunday - Zumba with Johnny

Monday - Couch to 5k Week 4 Day 3 (I know this should have been done last week but I had issues (laziness) and could not complete the week within a calendar week, so I will hopefully be able to get Week 4 done and into Week 5 this week and be caught up!)

Tuesday - Body Pump 9a-10a (gym class)

Wednesday - Yoga (gym) 9a-10a // Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 1

Thursday - Zumba 11a-noon

Friday - Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 2 (early AM)

Saturday - Couch to 5k Week 5 Day 3 (late PM)

See what I did there? A whole week of fitness! I think I can do it. If I need to take a rest day, it will be Tuesday... I have never tried the body pump class, and I hear the instructor for it is pretty tough... but I'm interested! :)

Happy Fitness Week!


  1. 5 out of 7 days is pretty good. You had a visit with your brother in there too! You are doing great with the running and perhaps the new class will work some different muscles and make you hurt.|

    While hanging out and watching Supernatural sounds fantastic and is sure to get your heart rate up, it's not going to help loose pounds. I think perhaps I should tape a picture of Dean to the treadmill and run to him! ;-)

    Can you even imagine what it might be like to only work 3 days? Guess you will soon find out!

    I love you! (in a total non-creepy, friend way!)

  2. I am on track so far this week! (Yes I know it's Sunday...) but tomorrow after my doctor's visit I'm going to this reallllyyyy nice park in town and doing my run there! I'm excited!