Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love me or leave me. A word to the wise: this has MY personal views in it.

So, sometime in the night I woke up not having been able to sleep really well. I got a message from a [now former] friend of mine on facebook asking me to stop eating at Chick-Fil-A because of their anti-gay agenda.

Now, as many of you who've known me for years, you know I am neither prejudice, nor homophobic in any way. My personal opinion is that I think everyone should be allowed to marry whomever they want to. If you want to be miserable as the straight people, feel free.

So, let's begin shall we? I want to put a disclaimer in here, so that all who dare to say anything bad against me, just beware... these are my VIEWS and MY VIEWS alone. I would never want to shove these down your throat hence the warning when I posted the blog in the first place. Also, if you do not share my views that is fine with me. I will love you no less because of it, and I will continue to hold our friendships dearly to my heart no matter what.

You're about to read my views on hot topics within the world of politics. I may or may not elaborate on why I chose to take the side of what I did, and if you decide that I am no longer friend-worthy to you, then I am sorry you will be losing a very intelligent, loving, caring piece of your life.

Abortion: I am pro-choice. not just for rapes, but for the idiots that get themselves knocked up. Why? Because I'm not the one who has to live with that blood on my hands. If you want to be irresponsible and get knocked up, then you should have to also suffer the mental and sometimes physical retaliations of an abortion, should you choose to have one.

 Affirmative Action: ((Definition: refers to policies that take factors including "race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin" into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group "in areas of employment, education, and business", usually justified as countering the effects of a history of discrimination.)) Well, I have to say I am probably more PRO-AA than I am ANTI. And that is because this tends to take on policies that are outdated and not current with the world we live in. And so to discriminate based on anything, race, creed, religion, orientation, is wrong on many accounts.

Taxes: Everyone is in a huff about this one, so I won't say much. But as someone who dutifully pays her taxes and is above the poverty line, I think some changes need to be made, and the scales balanced out.

Death Penalty: I am PRO death penalty. So much so I think a firing squad should be welcomed in every state. If you're going to do the crime, you'll do the time, and sometimes you will be put to death. Why should someone get a tiny needle injection after brutally raping, murdering, and dismembering someone's wife and family? Highly unfair.

Education: Let's all take a step back. We need to get back to basics. Stop focusing on testing, and go back to TEACHING. Yes, education needs more money. But we also need less stupid people breeding and holding back those who effectively parent their children.

Environment: Green house gases! Global warming! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (ghost sound). Yeah.... Let's just recycle more? I have seen leaps and bounds in my short time here in this planet, and I have hope for the future.

Euthanasia (Right to Die): Yes. Just, YES. If someone wants to die, let them die. Let them sign a paper that says the doctor is not responsible, and let them go.

First Amendment, Free Speech, & the Internet: 1) Yes. Speak your opinion. I will listen, except when it impedes my life. 2) Yes, speak it, blog it, protest it, however you see fit, just don't interrupt the life around you. 3) the internet is a whole new universe, and therefore should be policed accordingly.

Gay Rights: I'm all for the LGBT community having the same rights as I have. Like I said before, let them be as miserable in their marriage as many straight couples are today. Let them fight the SS office to claim their dead husband's money. Let them be subjected to DCF visits and counseling with no prejudice. I want them to have it all. and I'm serious.

Guns: I am PRO-GUNS. Suck it up! There is no such thing as a dangerous gun, only the person behind the trigger. But you can say the same about an airplane, a car, a bottle of bleach and ammonia. Anything can be a weapon, a gun is just a more effective one. I have a limitation of course, and I think guns should be outlawed in high-crime areas. Not just the people who are felons being restricted, but if you live within a high-crime neighborhood you should be banned from guns.

Health Care: Give it away. We should be like Canada.

Immigration: I'm all for it. Let them come here, after all it's what the British did to the Indians. Let them take our jobs and our education and our welfare. This is a free land, and we should welcome all those who seek opportunity and freedom!

Jobs: Sometimes you just have to spend more to make more. Keep buying, people, and the jobs will come!

Military, War, & Veterans: We need to thank each and every person who has served in our armed services. And then because we were too chicken to go ourselves, we need to take care of them. We need more veteran services, and healthcare, but mostly, we need more UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION for those who are mentally and/or physically affected.

 Women: I think the scales are unbalanced here also. I make less because I have more emotion in my decision making? Maybe we should have a female president SOONER rather than LATER, so we can bring some compassion back into the world, instead of it being cut-throat politics. Vagina power!!

And there you have it. Those are my views. Please, do not debate with me or try to change my mind. I am pretty confident in my opinions. They may not be the "RIGHT" ones, but that's the thing. There is NO RIGHT and NO WRONG. There is only opinion. And what's sad is people are fighting and killing each other based on those beliefs when it's so wrong to do so. If you are pro-life, that's AWESOME. I hope that you have a valid reason for it, and I will value any input you have. But you won't change my mind. Do you think homosexuals are an abomination based on your religion? Well, I can't say I blame you, as religion is just that, a set of beliefs. And I will respect your religion if you respect my LGBT friends. When you stop doing that, I will squash you!

When did we stop looking at ourselves as people and only focus on what we believe in? There's so much more to me. I have intelligence, compassion, honesty, and a knack for telling good one-liners. Nowhere on our friendship application did I have to answer or defend my views, and neither did you... so why are you holding it against me? Bigotry on all sides is what is bringing this country down. The hippies had something right, I must say. Not the crazy ones, but the ones who loved everyone and hugged trees and smoked pot all day long. Yeah. those guys.


  1. And don't bother replying with any sort of debate to my views. I will love you no matter what YOUR views are... I just wanted to be clear about mine.

  2. Yup...see, we could TOTALLY be bff's! I share so many of your views, but not only that...I share your train of thought of "think what you want and I will think what I want" A person's views does not make me think less of them (for the most part...however I will secretly judge them for being wrong if they don't agree with me! :-)
    And if you need someone to replace that friend with on Facebook...add me (Amy Bickmore)

    It's too bad that a difference of views has ended a friendship....makes me question how strong that bond was if something so simple can break it!

    On a side note...did you run tonight? Hope you did and pushed through. I did my 2nd night of week 3...God I hope it gets easier, 'cause as of right now...don't see that happening! You know that you can download podcasts for couch to 5k with music and prompts right? That way you don't have to watch the time for running. Let me know if you want some links. Just throw it on Mr. Clippy and take off! I tried a new one tonight and really liked the music choice on it.