Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mu-mu-mu-myyyyyy Tomato!

Just a quicky here this lovely Tuesday morning! I bought a baby tomato plant yesterday, and have high hopes that because it's bigger than the herbs I tried growing (that died) that I'll have a harder time killing it! (Obviously I'm not planning on killing it, these things just happen to me..)

So, here's my little guy, in a pot I've had forever, accompanied with a wormie moisture sensor thingy!

It's some sort of hybrid breed, but it says it'll grow tomatoes a little smaller than what a beefsteak tomato is, so that's good. :-)

I hope to make this a Tuesday occurrence, where I post a pic of my growing plant. I'll set a reminder on my phone to do it.

Anyway, Happy Tuesday everyone! Instead of my normal song lyric, I thought I'd share with you a YouTube video that makes my heart happy! (Dave Grohl & Josh Homme... YUM!)

1 comment:

  1. Grow little tomato grow!

    Think of all of those low calorie sandwiches you can have! That is what I am looking forward to!