Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yoga: Why I'm Going To Get Back Into It..

Click the link below to go to a bigger version of this infographic..

I found this on a website, and after looking at the information.... why am I not doing yoga right now??!?!

Well, on top of having my nephew for the day again, I've been slacking like crazy. UGH.

...I'll elaborate later when I'm not chasing a toddler down!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road Trip Review 10/13 - 10/19

Well, it's been another doozie. And by doozie, I mean I feel like I got so far behind in life that it just sorta flew by me without happening. The Ethics class I'm taking is rough, not to mention the fact that I am back to working 5 days again for the foreseeable future... which sucks. And next week (the week of Halloween) I'm closing all 5 days. WTF.

Let's get to it shall we?

Sunday : 7.10 miles
Monday : 1.75 miles
Tuesday : 8.18 miles
Wednesday : 4.00 miles
Thursday : 4.34 miles (Hockey game)
Friday : 3.50 miles (nephew / Oktoberfest)
Saturday : 3.50 miles (nephew / Oktoberfest again)

Total: 32.37 miles
Goal: 24.50 miles
Deficit: +7.87 miles!

The notes are so I don't forget to tell you about the awesome time I had this past weekend!! Thursday John and I hopped across the state to Sunrise, FL, to catch a Bruins @ Panthers NHL game. It was FANTASTIC!!!!

Just a quick vid of them warming up.

Awww we are so cute!


I like taking selfies <3

Winners!! 3-0!

THEN, on Friday, I had my nephew, Matthias, for the first time by myself!! What a cutie pie! We spent the early part of the day at a park with my co-worker Cathy and her daughter Adriana, who is the same age as Matthias. They had a fun time!

Playing together!


He put MY shoe on instead of his OTHER one! =)

Carseat fun!

And then later after he was picked up, John, myself, Brian, and Julie all went to our local annual Oktoberfest for BEER (for them, I drove) and SAUSAGE DINNERRRRRRRRRRRRRR (John's favorite thing).

It was humid and icky, and John got drunk pretty early, but overall, fun was had. I had a funnel cake (that in the wee hours of Fri/Sat I threw up around 3AM and suffered for another few hours after that). But it was a nice time!


We also went again on Saturday night, but not before I spent ANOTHER day with Matthias. This time he blew me kisses!

He loves his car rides!

And for this trip to Oktoberfest, Jeanette joined us! And we had some more (not as drunk) fun!

Jeanette and her beer!

Brian and his.... wait a minute..

John thinks he can replaced me with beer.... he is so right. -.- (lol)

My cuzzie and roommate! Twu Wuv! :-D

We were being goofy!

And so there it is. A ridiculously LONG post mostly about my fitness but with a What's Goin' On awesomeness twist!

Where am I this week??

Right outside Savannah, GA!


More than halfway there!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Road Trip Review 10/6 - 10/12

What a friggin week. Both this week and last have been very trying on my sanity.

Last week you read about my Grandmother going into the hospital and subsequently Hospice care. Well, so far there has been no update on her condition, so no news is good news on that front.


... /rant over. I found my fitbit. In a pair of pants I wore Saturday before getting ridiculously drunk and having the worst hangover of all time the next day.

So, I know I made my daily steps, but don't know how much past that. I worked almost EVERY NIGHT this week, so didn't get to work out with Mary ONCE this week (although I saw her at Tuesday zumba but still).... I feel so fat this week.

Oh, and while I'm in the honest mood... I drank like 3 sodas, ate like I used to, and didn't bother to go to the gym during the daytime I was home.... why? Because I'm a fat loser. UGH. So disgusted with myself. Seriously. All that hard work and I just pissed it all away on this one week. I am dreading getting on the scales tomorrow. DREADING.

So, without further ado- my stupid non-effort-ed totals:

Sunday : 1.75mi
Monday : 1.75mi
Tuesday : 1.75mi
Wednesday : 1.75mi
Thursday : 1.75mi
Friday : 1.75mi
Saturday : 1.75mi

Total : 12.25 miles
Goal : 24.5 miles
Deficit : -12.25 miles

Ouchies. I basically did nothing this week. I'm not even counting zumba on Tuesday because I still felt slightly hungover (just beat up really.... body was so sore) so my effort was at like .... 12% instead of my normal 110%. YUCKCCKKCKCKCCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCK.

Because I did not have maps for last week's post, this week's will look impressive because I am doing two week's worth on the map.

I'm a fish!
Shark-bait OO-HA HA!

Road Trip Review 9/29 - 10/5

Woah. What a crazy week it's been. My grandmother went into the hospital, and was moved to Hospice. She has since been moved home with daily in-home Hospice care, as she does not wish to be at a "facility". It is sad to say that she is very near the end of her life, but she has lived a long and loving life. My grandfather, her husband, left us in 2001; her eldest son 3 years later. She has seen love, loss, and everything in between. The moon landing, FDR's speech about Pearl Harbor, the discovery of AIDS and the end of racial segregation. She had lived a beautiful life. I don't know what her future holds, but we are keeping her comfortable [read: morphine] and off machines [her wishes] and knowing that when she's finally ready to let go, she'll be met in Heaven by her husband and oldest son who are eager to see her.

That being said, let's get into my numbers......

Sunday : 6.22 mi
Monday : 4.68 mi
Tuesday : 3.98 mi
Wednesday : 1.75 mi
Thursday : 2.90 mi
Friday : 4.13 mi
Saturday : 4.50 mi

Friday and Saturday were big days but not for walking reasons.

My zumba instructor had a birthday outing and so we went to a Latin Nightclub on Friday. Let me just say, for a man who's got moves straight from New York, he is EQUALLY as awesome on the dance floor! Our zumba moves came in handy and he danced with each of us ladies that night, which was totally awesome. He is a great lead partner, and although I was shaky on my feet, he turned me out on that dance floor and spun me around the room!! If I could just be in love with talent, I would be in love with his!! It was a fun night.

Saturday me and a different group of people all went out for my friend Maggie's birthday. It was her 50th, and so a big deal. I drank this night (did not drink Friday because I drove) and I got SO DRUNK that I could barely walk straight at 2am when we went home. Don't worry, John came and picked me, Maggie, and a few other friends up so we didn't have to drive. This was more of an older-crowd type club, and so the music was okay at best, but nothing was super-recent. I instead focused on drinking and dancing to my own tune! It was nice. I had the NASTIEST hangover the next day, I thought I was going to die. No more vodka for me lolol (and John says I better not have any other friends with big birthdays anytime soon because the $65 bar tab was a little excessive................ that was only MY bar tab LOLOLOLOL)

So, my totals were:

28.16 miles!


So.... that's awesome. I am up for this week. I didn't think I would be!

My 6-week total for week's 7-12 is ::: 155.85 mi (goal -> 147 mi)

So...... my 12-Week total is :::: 322.22 mi (goal -> 294 mi)

My 12-Week deficit is::::::::::::: +28.19 miles!!!

I am rolling right along and should be in Troutville on time!