Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road Trip Review 10/13 - 10/19

Well, it's been another doozie. And by doozie, I mean I feel like I got so far behind in life that it just sorta flew by me without happening. The Ethics class I'm taking is rough, not to mention the fact that I am back to working 5 days again for the foreseeable future... which sucks. And next week (the week of Halloween) I'm closing all 5 days. WTF.

Let's get to it shall we?

Sunday : 7.10 miles
Monday : 1.75 miles
Tuesday : 8.18 miles
Wednesday : 4.00 miles
Thursday : 4.34 miles (Hockey game)
Friday : 3.50 miles (nephew / Oktoberfest)
Saturday : 3.50 miles (nephew / Oktoberfest again)

Total: 32.37 miles
Goal: 24.50 miles
Deficit: +7.87 miles!

The notes are so I don't forget to tell you about the awesome time I had this past weekend!! Thursday John and I hopped across the state to Sunrise, FL, to catch a Bruins @ Panthers NHL game. It was FANTASTIC!!!!

Just a quick vid of them warming up.

Awww we are so cute!


I like taking selfies <3

Winners!! 3-0!

THEN, on Friday, I had my nephew, Matthias, for the first time by myself!! What a cutie pie! We spent the early part of the day at a park with my co-worker Cathy and her daughter Adriana, who is the same age as Matthias. They had a fun time!

Playing together!


He put MY shoe on instead of his OTHER one! =)

Carseat fun!

And then later after he was picked up, John, myself, Brian, and Julie all went to our local annual Oktoberfest for BEER (for them, I drove) and SAUSAGE DINNERRRRRRRRRRRRRR (John's favorite thing).

It was humid and icky, and John got drunk pretty early, but overall, fun was had. I had a funnel cake (that in the wee hours of Fri/Sat I threw up around 3AM and suffered for another few hours after that). But it was a nice time!


We also went again on Saturday night, but not before I spent ANOTHER day with Matthias. This time he blew me kisses!

He loves his car rides!

And for this trip to Oktoberfest, Jeanette joined us! And we had some more (not as drunk) fun!

Jeanette and her beer!

Brian and his.... wait a minute..

John thinks he can replaced me with beer.... he is so right. -.- (lol)

My cuzzie and roommate! Twu Wuv! :-D

We were being goofy!

And so there it is. A ridiculously LONG post mostly about my fitness but with a What's Goin' On awesomeness twist!

Where am I this week??

Right outside Savannah, GA!


More than halfway there!!!

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