Saturday, November 30, 2013

Road Trip Review 11/16 - 11/23

Well, I fell behind two weeks again. I also apologize for any typos for this and my next post [at least].... I got my nails done up with acrylics to get a head start on my New Year's Resolution (to stop biting my nails) and had them done on Wednesday. They are very pretty.... but I'm so used to not having nails that it makes even buttoning my pants very difficult!!

(You know what else makes buttoning your pants difficult?? gaining 10lbs in November. Sadface.)

So, moving on.... I had a difficult week, and due to the fact that I have one more week to catch up on after this, I am not going to have maps.

Sunday-- 5.14mi
Monday-- 1.25mi
Tuesday-- 4.36mi
Wednesday-- 4.06mi
Thursday-- 3.25mi
Friday-- 1.75mi
Saturday-- 2.05mi

Weekly Goal: 24.50 miles
Weekly Total: 21.86 miles

Deficit--> -2.64 miles

Total miles up to this week:   469.39 miles
Total miles for this challenge: 595.00 miles

Only 125.61 miles to go!!

I have to say that my dedication is slipping to the blog. I still consciously make the effort every day, but this blog thing is not helping with finals coming up and the holiday season starting.... it NEVER begins to look a lot like Christmas here in FL and although I've never seen a "White Christmas" in real life I still get depressed that on Christmas morning I will not have the chance to see a winter wonderland, but in fact may have a warm front into the upper 80's, or a cold chill at 60*F. Blech.

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