Monday, August 26, 2013

Road Trip Review 8/18 - 8/24

Week 6! WHEW!

Sunday : (yes, these numbers are REAL!!) 13.50miles
Monday : (this one, too!) 15.75miles
Tuesday : 3.07miles
Wednesday : 4.93miles
Thursday : 10.12miles
Friday : 3.5miles
Saturday : 1.92miles

Total : 52.79miles
Goal : 24.50miles
Difference: +28.29miles!!

Now, to explain the outrageous numbers for Sunday, Monday, and Thursday... I went to the gym like normal Sunday morning, but my normal zumba class was full. So, I had two options... hit the free weights/treadmill/etc, but without music because I expected to be in a class... OR take a spin class that was happening in the other room. I chose the spin class. And boy am I hooked!!

It hurts, don't get me wrong. The racing seats are designed for Olive Oyl, not a fat-bottomed girl like myself, but I felt the BURN through my legs and abs too! So, those numbers are actually the numbers from the bicycle according to how far I pedaled.


But, my knees hated me for it. So, I will only be taking one spin class a week from now on, if I even take one. No, it's not because I think it gives me an unfair advantage, but my knees can't handle too much stress put on them.

So, let's look back:

Week 1 : -6.27mi
Week 2 : -4.00mi
Week 3 : -3.64mi
Week 4 : +7.00mi
Week 5 : -1.54mi
Week 6 : +28.29mi

Total so far: 166.34mi
Goal so far: 147.00mi
Difference: +19.34miles!

And where am I now?!?!?

I'm past half-way through the state! I can almost smell the
peaches from here! (Georgia is known for its peaches..)

Gives you a pretty good perspective!

If you have not already, go CHEER ON!!! my partner in crime, Amy, for her AWESOME performance this week in making her goal!!! :) :) :)

We are fast approaching our halfway-to-halfway points, at which time you might get something special from me! :-)


  1. SHUT UP!!! You are OVER your miles now?

    Hope you find a good cafe to plunk your skinny butt at while I wheeze and huff my way to catch up!

    Awesome girl! So proud of you! :-)

  2. Good luck with those darn spin seats! I have the same issue with the spin class I take. I got hooked onto the class but the one downfall is my butt is very sore sitting on the itty bitty seats, not to mention the way I have to sit hurts my bones!

    Way to go, getting halfway through Florida!! Keep up the great work!