Sunday, August 18, 2013

Road Trip Review 8/11 - 8/17

Well, let's see what we have here. Last week I did not post a map, so this week's map will look much more like I'm a superstar than I truly am.

We are 5 weeks in to the 25-ish week challenge, so a fifth of the way. Holy cow!!

So, let's do an overall review:

We started July 14th, and have been at this thing for 5 weeks now.

Troutville, VA (our meeting point) is 595miles (957.6km) away.

In order to meet at our halfway mark on December 31, 2013, we'd have to walk 3.5mi (5.6km) each day!!

Now let's review my first 5 weeks:

Week 1 : -6.27mi
Week 2 : -4.5mi
Week 3 : -3.64mi
Week 4 : +7.00mi

Total deficit : -7.41miles

How did I do this week?

Sunday: 2.00miles
Monday: 4.50miles
Tuesday: 4.92miles
Wednesday: 0.00miles (BOOOOOOOO)
Thursday: 4.42miles
Friday: 5.08miles
Saturday: 2.04miles

Total: 22.96miles
Goal: 24.50miles
Deficit: -1.54miles

Total 5 Week Deficit: -8.95miles

Well.... Not as good as I thought. But, for week 6 I have big plans! Muahahaha!

So, where did I end up??

113.55miles total travelled through 5 weeks!!

I am bunkering down for the night at a State Park! YAY!

A closer look at where I stopped. Wachula and Avon Park are places
my husband has driven to many times, so I still feel like I'm
not really GOING anywhere.... know what I mean?

Well, I'm about a third of the way out of the state!
Looks like I'm about to get wet through some of the
little lakes and ponds that scatter the middle of the state.

Happy trails everyone!! (BTW - Pop on over and give Amy some love!! She spent the weekend in the wilderness and I think might have come back a little more wild than when she went in!! LOL)


  1. I am a wild child for sure! Drunk at least!

    So, are you sure you didn't forget to add in some are accounting 1.75 mi each day for your regular everyday steps right? I have a hard time believing you sat on your ass ALL day Wednesday!

    You are still doing much better than me...I am almost a whole half a month behind! Means I better MOVE my behind!

    Glad to be doing this trip with you's so hard to believe it's been 5 weeks already though

  2. Amy: I really truly DID sit around on my ass on Wednesday! I worked a light shift and didn't do enough distance to count for my 1.75mile "regular steps"! So, I consider it a loss and am determined to make it up!!

    On another similar note, I took 2 spin (stationary bike) classes this week. My knees hate me but I believe in just those two classes alone I made up my complete deficit AND THEN SOME!

    Get yer butt moving this week chicka!!